Virtual Green Drinks – Wellingborough Eco Group

Wellingborough Eco Group are hosting Green Drinks evenings, and these events are open to everyone in Northamptonshire.  We are simply running new friendly group meetings every month and we are going online during the viral pandemic.  The aim is to create a space where people who care about the environment can chat.

Do join us for networking, news, chat and new friends; and be part of a growing global network where local people push for and build a sustainable future. Everyone is invited, there is no agenda, this is all about you and what we can do environmentally locally in a friendly and positive way.  Do join us!

Corona Virus update – We are going online during the viral pandemic.

Join like minded local people for VIRTUAL GREEN DRINKS on the last Tuesday of the month for networking, news, or just to chat and make new friends. Join our online meeting on Tuesday March 31st from 7:30pm at

‘VIRTUAL’ GREEN DRINKS with Wellingborough Eco Group

Litter Picking Postponed – Wellingborough Eco Group

Following more stringent government guidelines this week, and after a consultation with many of our regular litter pickers, our monthly two hour tidy up this month to litter pick Croyland Gardens, will unfortunately have to be postponed.

Please do not come to Croyland Gardens on Saturday morning to litter pick, stay at home

This tidy up will now take place on Saturday 26th September in line with Keep Britain Tidy’s Great British September Clean.

We will be meeting at our recycling station to set up from 9:30 in the gardens, adjacent to Morrisons car park. We will then litter pick between 10am-12 midday. With so many different areas to tidy up this time, you can decide if you want to combat the mess in the woods or pick litter in the more family friendly park.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you in September, stay safe and keep others safe.

Find out more about this event on Facebook at

Warning – There is some evidence that the touching of metal and plastics can spread the virus; this could include picking up litter. Please be careful by using litter pickers and protective equipment, or preferably don’t litter pick during the pandemic.

Nextdoor – Wellingborough Eco Group

Wellingborough Eco Group has a successful Facebook group, that is helping to improve our borough’s environment by enabling local people to reduce, reuse and recycle items that would otherwise end up in landfill, and helping local people reduce their carbon footprints.

Now we have decided to reach out further with our new Nextdoor group. This group will be exactly the same as the Facebook group, we have set it up to connect with more of our community and to make more of a difference!

This group is open to everyone and aims to work with local councillors, businesses and community organisations. Please share your ideas, events and groups, and refrain from criticism or negative posts. This is all about you and what we can do environmentally locally in a friendly and positive way ?

Join us on Nextdoor at

Litter Picking – Wellingborough Eco Group


This month our two hour tidy up will be litter picking Croyland Gardens on Saturday 28th March. It takes place between 10am-12 midday. Our recycling station will be set up from 9:30 in Morrison’s Public Car Park.

Croyland Gardens is just off of Morrison’s Car Park, drivers can use this parking for three hours or can park in neighboring streets. For walkers and cyclists, the gardens are close to the town centre (approximately 5 minutes walk)

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have the following restrictions for litter pickers:


Always stay safe – We will expect that all litter pickers should maintain at least the distance of an outstretched arm and a litter picker from each other (two metres) that all equipment, including litter pickers, gloves (bring your own if you can) hi-vis vests and bags, are self selected and returned to the recycling station; and that all bags of collected litter are taken to a collection point by those that picked it.

Wellingborough Norse have again kindly let us borrow their litter picking equipment, and will be collecting what we have litter picked at the end of our two hours. Please again remember the rules of self service and two metres social distancing when they are collecting the bags.

For updates see –

For government advice on Coronavirus see –

Repair Cafe 4

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall hosted our fourth Repair Cafe yesterday, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale, and despite concerns over the viral pandemic, we had a steady flow of people bringing items in to be repaired.

Our fab five fixers repaired 10 items, including a chainsaw, a CD player, two tablets, an earring, a basket a food mixer, a lawn mower and a record player.

Thank you to our repairers Simon, Dave, Andy, Chris and Jonathan for saving local people money and saving salvageable items from going to landfill. Thank you to Heather, Gary and the whole team at Glamis Hall for hosting our Repair Cafe.

Here is a small selection of the photos that we took:

There will be no Repair Cafe or Indoor Car Boot Sale in April due to Easter. Our next Repair Cafe will be on Saturday 9th May, where we will have more fixers, including Jane with her sewing machine, there to save you money and items from ending up in landfill!

Repair Cafe – Wellingborough Eco Group

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall are hosting their fourth Repair Cafe on Saturday 14th March from 9am till 12, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale.

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. Repair Cafes are completely non-commercial. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will give it their best efforts. Repairers are always keen to teach you how to do the repair – or at least have you watch while they do it.

There is no charge for entry or repair but donations are gratefully received and help pay for costs. You can basically bring anything you can carry that will not make a mess in the venue. Here are some suggestions:

A bicycle, clothing in need of repair, small electrical or electronic appliances, lamps, toys, mobile phones, laptops, printers, items that need gluing, a clean/repair etc.

Whatever it is, it might not even be broken – just dirty, and you don’t know how to clean it without damaging it – or you can’t work out how to use it without the manual – bring it along. You can even bring several things – though to be fair, you will have to join the queue several times!

There will also be demonstrations on how to reuse stuff that would otherwise end up in landfill.

We are also seeking more repairers, so if you want to share your skills (whatever they are) to save stuff being thrown away, join us. We would love you to get involved! Message us via messenger if you are interested.