Saturday ‘Seeds’ Swap Shop

Live on Zoom, our third Wellingborough Eco Group ‘Saturday Swap Shop’ took place on 20th March and it was all about gardening! We were hosted by the Victoria Centre, where we invited you to swap with us and others.

We had a selection of seeds that had been dropped off to swap, these were introduced by hosts Marion Turner-Hawes and Jonathan Hornett. 56 packets of seeds were swapped by between the eight people who joined in, for collection on Tuesday between 1:30​ and 5:30pm at the Victoria Centre.

Watch Saturday ‘Seeds’ Swap Shop!

Wellingborough Swap Shop is a free and local exchange where members pass on things they no longer want, in exchange for something they need. You could describe it as a kind of cashless bring-and-buy sale. Participants did not need to bring anything in order to take away goods, and vice versa.

Saturday Swap Shops are managed by Wellingborough Eco Group as part of the One Wellingborough Plus project and hosted by the Victoria Centre. To take part next time, register using the contact form on our Saturday Swap Shop page and we will email you back with the Zoom link.

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