Tuesday Tidy Up in Hemmingwell


A ‘one off’ Tuesday Tidy Up KIDS SPECIAL for half term to start off outside the Hope Centre in Hemmingwell; litter picking from 3-5pm, Tuesday 1st June, for the Great British Spring Clean!

This has been proposed by Angela, a Wellie Womble, who thought that it would be a great idea to do something in her local area with kids off at half term 🙂

Our recycling station will be set up from 2:30, equipment is provided but please do bring your own gloves (we’ll have some if you forget) hand sanitiser will be available, social distancing is a must.

Find out more on our Facebook event https://fb.me/e/4kteMTrAr


Great GB Spring Clean


Massive T H A N K Y O U to the 39 litter heroes who took part in our Two Hour Tidy Up this morning at Croyland Gardens for the Great British Spring Clean 2021. As you can see we collected 50 bags of litter, 6 shopping trollies (from 4 supermarkets) 2 bicycles, sleeping bags, a suitcase and even a park bench. Amazing turnout and haul of rubbish!

Thank you Suzanne, James, Judy, Emma, Jonathan, William, Niall, Georgina, Freddie, Allan, Sue, Josi, Leoni, Amanda, Chris, Petrina, Ash, Caroline, Saxon and Baedn, Victoria and James, Carol, John and Tricia, Becky, Lizz, Sian, Jessica, John, Lucy, David, Lee, Bob and Gill, Angela, Caitlin and Olivia, and Marion.

Well done all and thank you Wellingborough Norse for lending us equipment and taking what we collected away. The next Two Hour Tidy Up on the last Saturday of June, next litter pick is Tuesday Tidy Up (on Tuesday) from 3pm outside the Hope Centre on Hemmingwell with Wellie Acorns and Wellie Wombles (special kids litter pick as it’s half term!) See you then…

Lions To Join Eco Spring Clean This Saturday!

Group litter picks can now re-start following the lifting of Covid restrictions and we are starting with The Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 29th May at Croyland Gardens and we have some exciting news, Lions will be joining us!

Wellingborough Lions are joining us for The Great British Spring Clean. The Lions are also trying to collect as many bags of litter as they can as part of their WASUP 2022 Challenge where they need to collect 2022 bags of rubbish by July 2022. In March they launched the WASUP 2022 Challenge. They have to collect as many bags of rubbish they can, but at least 2022 bags of litter before the start of the Commonwealth Games on 26th July 2022.

The main aim of the challenge is to educate people about the problems associated with single use plastics and to litter pick to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. The other aim (which is close to my heart too) is to engage with local groups, serve the community whilst caring for our town and environment. There is more info on the website https://lions105cw.org.uk/environment but one of Lions key causes is environment.

Join us on Saturday 29th May in Croyland Gardens to tidy up

Wellingborough Eco Group, Wellie Wombles and Wellingborough Lions would love you to join us. Our Recycling Station will be in Morrisons Car Park from 9:30 with litter picking between 10am-12 midday, if not too windy, we’ll have a gazebo up, so you shouldn’t miss us! Everyone (without Covid-19 symptoms) is welcome.

To help us and keep us safe at this and future litter picks, Wellingborough Eco Group have purchased some litter pickers, hi-vis vests and safety equipment including road signs (pictured). Wellingborough Norse are also lending us equipment, so everything is provided but please bring your own gloves if you can. Social distancing is a must, hand santiser will be available, please do not come if you have covid-19 symptoms, but apart from that, ALL WELCOME!

Community Allotment Update

At today’s working party I was joined by Tony Banks and Marion Turner-Hawes and we built not one, but two greenhouses built at our Community Allotment! Thank you for these Julie Ann Cormie and my nextdoor neighbours Sunny and Bernice ??

Shed on the left moved over a couple of feet to accommodate Julie (yes sorry the greenhouses need names) and Sunny (had to be) is in the middle of the plot at the end of the hard path. Sheds were donated by George and Margaret btw (thank you both)

Other stuff done during the week, trellis for clematis on gazebo and two more dog wood planted. Today at our Community Allotment!

Thank you to again Tony for joining me last weekend, when we laid the main path and patio, plus planted around the gazebo then finished it off with mulch. We also got a bird table made, plus got the compost bins put together with 3 out of 5 lined ready for use…

Lots more to do, back next week ??

The Great British Spring Clean


Wellingborough Eco Group with Wellie Wombles

Group Litter Picks Return! Following today’s government announcement that groups of up to 30 can meet outdoors from next Monday; we are very pleased to say that we can now re-commence our group litter picks 🙂

On the last Saturday of every month, Wellingborough Eco Group normally carries out a two hour tidy up with numerous volunteers. This re-starts following the lifting of Covid restrictions for The Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 29th May and we are litter picking Croyland Gardens!

We will set up a recycling station in Morrison’s Car Park from 9:30 litter pick between 10am-12 midday. Wellingborough Norse lend us the equipment, so everything is provided. They also take away the litter we pick. Everyone is welcome!


Hand Sanitiser will be available, social distancing is a must, please do not come if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

More info at https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/litter-picking/ and join in at https://fb.me/e/2jb71m9H4

Today at the Community Allotment.

Today was a busy day, with lots done and lots of visitors:

– A selection of veg, salad and flower plants dropped off by Sian (thank you!)
– Another two Welly Trees re-homed, Lisa and her husband took a Cherry and a Rowan.
– Black Cockerel re-homed, now has 10 wives!
– 30 Oak trees planted in a circle, hopefully to create a Wellie Acorns natural space (may take a while…) 20 to plant.
– More weeding done, not much left to do, then to level and install path, raised beds and our two greenhouses greenhouses.
– Also, grass cut on my neighbouring plot ??

Next working party Saturday and every Saturday in May from 1pm. Other opportunities to get involved too, including tomorrow morning from 7am ??

General Meeting – 4th May 2021

Thank you to the 13 people who joined us for a General Meeting to talk about our activities and associations. Simon, Jonathan, Freddie, Georgina, Judy, Anthony, Becky, Lizz, Tricia, John, Julian, Suzanne and Sophie started off by looking at our Zoom events, and discussed whether in person events would be better; using the Victoria Centre for some of our events and continuing our partnership with Glamis Hall for others.

We looked at hosting a ‘Wellingborough Eco Festival’, possibly at the Victoria Centre, and decided to set up a sub-committee of members to work on it. This will incorporate our Repair Club, Swap Shop, Wellie Wombles and Wellie Acorns groups, plus be open to other organisations to promote their eco-friendly activities.

Watch this month’s meeting on YouTube, the next hopefully will be face to face.

We decided when our litter picking ‘Two Hour Tidy Ups’ will re-start These will start again on Saturday 29th May as part of The Great British Spring Clean, at the usual times from 10am until midday. Freddie Harris talked about the amazing things that Wellie Wombles have been up to, plus we elected Freddie as our Litter Picking Secretary so he can act on behalf of the group in his correspondence with local companies and services, plus lead on our litter picking activities.

We looked at our partnerships with Glamis Hall, Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Library and more new initiatives, with lots of opportunities for more projects coming up, members decided that we need to focus on our current activities and the eco festival. We decided that the next meeting should be a social one in a pub, so we will restart our Green Drinks events in two weeks and that further General Meetings should be in person. We also looked at our membership, the idea of a timebank and our funds. All in all, a lively and positive meeting that gives us a solid platform to build on.