Litter Picking at Queensway Park

Thank you to the 11 litter heroes who took part in our Two Hour Tidy Up of Queensway Park this morning. We picked 32 bags of litter, including two bags of drinks cans for our Womble Bin; plus cleared 1 Childs bicycle, a bumper, a plastic barrier, 2 footballs, a chair and a wheelbarrow.

This litter pick took place between 10 and 12 and our recycling station was on the park’s cycle path just off of Shelley Road. As you can see there is a huge pile of rubbish. Under the new system of reporting, North Northamptonshire Council have been informed of this. Unfortunately due to this new system Wellingborough Norse could not collect it on the same day.

Thank you to Amanda, Jessica, Emma and Jonathan, Glenn and Hazel, Ros, Adrian, Freddie and Georgina, and David. Great to see Wellingborough Lions, Amanda and Adrian, join us litter picking again. Thank you also to other local residents who came out to say thank you to us for tidying up their local park.

The next Two Hour Tidy Up will take place on Saturday 28th August, location to be decided, follow our blog or join Wellingborough Eco Group on Facebook, Nextdoor or Twitter and/or Wellie Wombles to find out more…

Litter Picking Queensway Park

This Month’s Two Hour Tidy Up takes place this Saturday (31st July) at Queensway Park. Our Recycling Station will be set up from 9:30am near the underpass of Shelley Road, just off of the cycle path, for litter picking between 10 and 12. We will be litter picking the park and along the cycle paths leading into park farm industrial estate.

To help us and keep us safe at this and future litter picks, Wellingborough Eco Group have purchased some litter pickers, hi-vis vests and safety equipment including road signs. Wellingborough Norse are also lending us equipment, so everything is provided but please bring your own gloves if you can.

Social distancing is a must, hand santiser will be available, please do not come if you have covid-19 symptoms, but apart from that, ALL WELCOME! Here are a few photos of the park to get you in the mood:

Critical Mass Wellingborough

Critical Mass Wellingborough takes place on Friday. Please join us for this slow cycle around the town as one big group.

Come along for the love of cycling, for exercise, for the social side or to join our demand for more money in Wellingborough to make cycling safer and to enable and encourage it.

Meet at 6:30pm outside Castello Lounge, hope you can make it? Friday 30th July!

Family Festival at Glamis Hall

Thank you everyone for a great Family Festival at Glamis Hall yesterday. There was lots on our stall, including a giraffe race, and plant swap shop, plus information about Wellingborough Eco Group and Wellie Wombles!

There was lots of fun activities inside the hall and outside for the whole family, and most were FREE! Over 700 people came through the doors between 10 and 3.

Simon’s giraffes were very busy (with a little help from Simon Turner of course!) We gave away 40+ plants, had lots of interest in our display and leaflets and sold a litter picker too.

Well done Freddie Harris who picked 4 bags of litter (you just can’t keep a good Womble from litter picking!) and we filled up our Womble Bin! Great day had by all ??

Community Allotment Young Carers

Northamptonshire Young Carers are going to be using the allotment to give children who look after their parents the chance to have a break, to garden and to learn about nature. So as a priority this week we have fenced off under the apple tree, plus added a sink for washing hands and pots.

Everything is growing; the plants are all going for it, we have marrows ready, tomatoes taking over, spuds and onions catching up, plus we have lots of flowers ??

Hello from our Community Allotment

Everything is growing including the weeds, and a few bits and bobs have been added since the last photos, can you spot them?

More weeding and painting needed if you want to join in tomorrow afternoon, from 1:30-5:30, where we are having a working party, a couple of people are joining us already. We’re also connecting the larger greenhouse to a water tank is needed, take your pick…

Call Jonathan on 07311 705705 to get in the gates at the end of Hillside Road, hopefully see you anytime between 1:30 & 5:30 ?

Today’s Tuesday Tidy Up

Thank you to everyone for another successful tidy up today, 8 bags and a mini collected!

We also filled up our new Womble Bin by a quarter with drinks cans, plus sold 2 pro litter pickers and 3 hoops! (Card machine works, which is helpful.)

The Repair Club was busy too, pictured is Owen with his fixed electric scooter (Womble Bin in the background) Great to see everyone, nice to see people chatting ??

Litter Pickers & Hoops

Tuesday Tidy Ups

We now have 3 types of litter pickers for sale:

£3 basic B&M litter picker (not pictured)
£12 Helping Hand Pro litter picker (red)
£20 Hillbrush ‘Ranger’ litter picker (yellow)

Card payment available, cash preferred for £3 one. Hoops also available at £9 each.

We do of course loan our litter pickers and hoops out for free during Tuesday Tidy Ups, at Glamis Hall’s Community Room from 4 till 8 today. Pink/red litter bags are available too.

Repair Club also will be there from 6 till 8 for your broken stuff. Pop in to see one of our fixers…

See you later ???

New (sort of) Womble Bin at Glamis Hall

For ‘Helipads for Hospitals’

At our Tuesday Tidy Up tomorrow, we’ll have a Womble Bin, for all of the drinks cans that you have saved or litter picked! This bin will be emptied every week by Wellingborough Cadets and the cans will be sent to Helipads for Hospitals to be recycled into something new.

Even the bin itself has been Wombled! We rescued it from an allotment plot that was cleared at the weekend. And just perhaps it’s an original borough council black bin, made in 1991, it’s a bit scuffed (and a bit smelly) but it will be decorated (and deodorised) tomorrow…

We are collecting cans for Helipads for Hospitals, which is a charity in Leicestershire that is collecting drinks cans to build helipads for A&E hospitals. Find out more at:

Join us between 4 and 8 tomorrow for Tuesday Tidy Ups for all your litter picking equipment and bags, a tidy up and to use our 30 year old Womble Bin. Join us also for our Repair Club between 6-8. The Womble Bin will also be at Glamis Hall for you to use Monday to Friday 9-4!

Today’s Tuesday Tidy Up

Thank you to Hayley and Julie, Lucy, Cheryl, Georgina and Freddie, and Jonathan and his little helper Billy for taking part or popping in to Tuesday Tidy Ups today. 5 bags picked, lots more bags taken away for future wombling…

Recycling also brought in by Lucy. You can now bring your drinks cans for Helipads and your hard to recycle items like crisp packets. Find out more on our Eco Map website at

Well done all ??