Litter Picking Hardwick Road Woods


Massive T H A N K Y O U to the 18 litter heroes who joined our special Wellie Womble clearance of a fly tipping hotspot this morning. Regular Wombles were joined by members of Wellingborough Eco Group and the Gleneagles Community Group to clear the woods on Hardwick Road between the A509 and Hardwick Village.

Over 60 bags of litter were collected, plus a few wheels, carpets and even a table. Considering this area had already been worked on a week ago by Wellingborough Norse, who said that they had cleared all the rubbish, there was a huge amount left from that, that had had dumped compost put on top of it.

Thank you to Georgina and Freddie, Jonathan, Dominic, Roxanna and Justina, Su B and Sue E, Michelle, Carol Trina and Peter, John, Catherine, Kate, Niall, Glen and Hazel for making such a difference in just two hours! Thank you also to all the people that stopped to thank us for doing this 🙂

Next Two Hour Tidy Up will take place in two weeks on Saturday 26th June, usual time 10-12, location to be announce, keep an eye on Wellingborough Eco Group or Wellie Wombles groups for updates…

Wellie Wombles to Clear Hardwick Woods

On Saturday (12th June) we are finishing off tidying up a fly-tipping hotspot where Wellingborough Norse have removed a lot of the large items and tipped dumped compost on the smaller stuff.

Rakes, litter pickers, hi-vis vests and hoops provided, please bring your own gloves, to clear the site so nature can enjoy these woods again. Setting up from 9:30 to start litter-picking at 10 until 12.

On Hardwick Road between A509 and Hardwick village

Limited parking is available on the side of the road, do arrive on foot if you can. All welcome, but please do consider if this is suitable for your children as is just off of a road.

Tuesday Tidy Up in Hemmingwell


A ‘one off’ Tuesday Tidy Up KIDS SPECIAL for half term to start off outside the Hope Centre in Hemmingwell; litter picking from 3-5pm, Tuesday 1st June, for the Great British Spring Clean!

This has been proposed by Angela, a Wellie Womble, who thought that it would be a great idea to do something in her local area with kids off at half term 🙂

Our recycling station will be set up from 2:30, equipment is provided but please do bring your own gloves (we’ll have some if you forget) hand sanitiser will be available, social distancing is a must.

Find out more on our Facebook event


Great GB Spring Clean


Massive T H A N K Y O U to the 39 litter heroes who took part in our Two Hour Tidy Up this morning at Croyland Gardens for the Great British Spring Clean 2021. As you can see we collected 50 bags of litter, 6 shopping trollies (from 4 supermarkets) 2 bicycles, sleeping bags, a suitcase and even a park bench. Amazing turnout and haul of rubbish!

Thank you Suzanne, James, Judy, Emma, Jonathan, William, Niall, Georgina, Freddie, Allan, Sue, Josi, Leoni, Amanda, Chris, Petrina, Ash, Caroline, Saxon and Baedn, Victoria and James, Carol, John and Tricia, Becky, Lizz, Sian, Jessica, John, Lucy, David, Lee, Bob and Gill, Angela, Caitlin and Olivia, and Marion.

Well done all and thank you Wellingborough Norse for lending us equipment and taking what we collected away. The next Two Hour Tidy Up on the last Saturday of June, next litter pick is Tuesday Tidy Up (on Tuesday) from 3pm outside the Hope Centre on Hemmingwell with Wellie Acorns and Wellie Wombles (special kids litter pick as it’s half term!) See you then…

Lions To Join Eco Spring Clean This Saturday!

Group litter picks can now re-start following the lifting of Covid restrictions and we are starting with The Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 29th May at Croyland Gardens and we have some exciting news, Lions will be joining us!

Wellingborough Lions are joining us for The Great British Spring Clean. The Lions are also trying to collect as many bags of litter as they can as part of their WASUP 2022 Challenge where they need to collect 2022 bags of rubbish by July 2022. In March they launched the WASUP 2022 Challenge. They have to collect as many bags of rubbish they can, but at least 2022 bags of litter before the start of the Commonwealth Games on 26th July 2022.

The main aim of the challenge is to educate people about the problems associated with single use plastics and to litter pick to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment. The other aim (which is close to my heart too) is to engage with local groups, serve the community whilst caring for our town and environment. There is more info on the website but one of Lions key causes is environment.

Join us on Saturday 29th May in Croyland Gardens to tidy up

Wellingborough Eco Group, Wellie Wombles and Wellingborough Lions would love you to join us. Our Recycling Station will be in Morrisons Car Park from 9:30 with litter picking between 10am-12 midday, if not too windy, we’ll have a gazebo up, so you shouldn’t miss us! Everyone (without Covid-19 symptoms) is welcome.

To help us and keep us safe at this and future litter picks, Wellingborough Eco Group have purchased some litter pickers, hi-vis vests and safety equipment including road signs (pictured). Wellingborough Norse are also lending us equipment, so everything is provided but please bring your own gloves if you can. Social distancing is a must, hand santiser will be available, please do not come if you have covid-19 symptoms, but apart from that, ALL WELCOME!

The Great British Spring Clean


Wellingborough Eco Group with Wellie Wombles

Group Litter Picks Return! Following today’s government announcement that groups of up to 30 can meet outdoors from next Monday; we are very pleased to say that we can now re-commence our group litter picks 🙂

On the last Saturday of every month, Wellingborough Eco Group normally carries out a two hour tidy up with numerous volunteers. This re-starts following the lifting of Covid restrictions for The Great British Spring Clean on Saturday 29th May and we are litter picking Croyland Gardens!

We will set up a recycling station in Morrison’s Car Park from 9:30 litter pick between 10am-12 midday. Wellingborough Norse lend us the equipment, so everything is provided. They also take away the litter we pick. Everyone is welcome!


Hand Sanitiser will be available, social distancing is a must, please do not come if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

More info at and join in at

General Meeting – 4th May 2021

Thank you to the 13 people who joined us for a General Meeting to talk about our activities and associations. Simon, Jonathan, Freddie, Georgina, Judy, Anthony, Becky, Lizz, Tricia, John, Julian, Suzanne and Sophie started off by looking at our Zoom events, and discussed whether in person events would be better; using the Victoria Centre for some of our events and continuing our partnership with Glamis Hall for others.

We looked at hosting a ‘Wellingborough Eco Festival’, possibly at the Victoria Centre, and decided to set up a sub-committee of members to work on it. This will incorporate our Repair Club, Swap Shop, Wellie Wombles and Wellie Acorns groups, plus be open to other organisations to promote their eco-friendly activities.

Watch this month’s meeting on YouTube, the next hopefully will be face to face.

We decided when our litter picking ‘Two Hour Tidy Ups’ will re-start These will start again on Saturday 29th May as part of The Great British Spring Clean, at the usual times from 10am until midday. Freddie Harris talked about the amazing things that Wellie Wombles have been up to, plus we elected Freddie as our Litter Picking Secretary so he can act on behalf of the group in his correspondence with local companies and services, plus lead on our litter picking activities.

We looked at our partnerships with Glamis Hall, Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Library and more new initiatives, with lots of opportunities for more projects coming up, members decided that we need to focus on our current activities and the eco festival. We decided that the next meeting should be a social one in a pub, so we will restart our Green Drinks events in two weeks and that further General Meetings should be in person. We also looked at our membership, the idea of a timebank and our funds. All in all, a lively and positive meeting that gives us a solid platform to build on.

General Meeting

We are inviting registered members of Wellingborough Eco Group and members of our social media groups to a General Meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 7:30pm, we have lots to discuss and we want you to decide what we do next!

We will be looking at our Zoom events, and looking at whether in person events would be better. We will be looking using the Victoria Centre for some of our events and continuing our partnership with Glamis Hall for others. We could host a Wellingborough Eco Festival, if enough members wish to support it. We will look at what activities to do for kids with our new with group, Wellie Acorns.

We will also get a Community Allotment update, decide when our litter picking ‘Two Hour Tidy Ups’ re-start and we will be looking at what the amazing things that Wellie Wombles have been up to, plus we hope to elect Freddie Harris as our Litter Picking Secretary on our committee so he can act on behalf of the group in his correspondence with local companies and services, plus lead on our litter picking activities.

To be able to vote Freddie in, please do register as a member at (it’s free and it helps us)

Do join us on Zoom for our General Meeting on Tuesday 4th May at 7:30pm via this link

Working Parties Start Up Again After Lockdown

Lovely afternoon at the Community Allotment today, really busy with lovely people! Thank you to Simon Turner and Jamie Brady (Welcome to Wombledon) for your help building our gazebo, roof to do when less windy…

Thank you Michael Young and your son from Allotment Shack for donating and bringing up a selection of onions, garlic and shallots to be planted at the Community Allotment .

Thank you Claire Louise’s and Carl for visiting and giving some of our Welly Trees a home and thank you Kate McKeown for coming and picking up a couple of raspberry bushes.

Plus thank you Marion Turner-Hawes and Karon Turner-Hawes for dropping off Wellingborough Swap Shop items from this morning’s Saturday Swap Shop, and for looking to join in with us in the near future.

Also, on Tuesday we held our first working party which was fun. Thank you Judy Sumner and the kids for your help with the raspberry bushes and of course the Easter Egg Hunt!

Great to see you all, of course everyone is welcome to join in, we will be back again for early mornings next week 😎

A Busy Eco Week Coming Up

There are loads of Wellingborough Eco Group activities happening this week! We have five dates for activities coming up, hopefully you can join us?

Community Allotment – Working Parties

And there’s loads more to do at our Community Allotment, the good news is that we can restart our working parties from 29th March 🙂🤞 So if anyone is up for it, we propose that we simply have to do Monday 29th, say 10am until lunchtime(ish) then an Easter egg hunt!

Yes children are invited and Billy will be with Jonathan, but please note the ‘Rule of Six’ so we may not all be working together.

We also could do some building on Saturday afternoon (3rd April) from 1 onwards. There’s two sheds, a fence (posts are done) and a gazebo to do! Any help would be greatly appreciated 😉👍

Find out more on the Community Allotment webpage or on our Community Allotment Facebook group.

Tuesday Tidy Ups with Wellie Wombles

If you would like to do some litter picking during lockdown, you can individually or with members of your bubble; and loads of Wellie Wombles have been! You can join in with this on our Wellie Wombles Facebook Group

To help you, on each and every Tuesday afternoon, we have teamed up with the Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Norse to loan litter pickers, hi-vis, gloves and to give away bags.

It’s a call and collect service that you will need to register for. Find out more about Tuesday Tidy Ups and Wellie Wombles on our webpages.

Repair Club Live – our Fourth Fix

Repair Club Live gives you another way to get your items fixed or to learn new skills. We hold Zoom sessions fortnightly on Tuesday evenings at 7:30. A repairer will aim to fix something live, talking you through what needs doing.

On Tuesday (30th March) Simon will be looking at repairing a member’s iron and a local councillor’s hand held window cleaner. Who knows how he will get on, but hopefully we will have fun and a fix or two in an hour!

Find out more on the Repair Club webpage or on our Repair Club Facebook group.

Saturday Swap Shop – Easter Special!

This time we are asking ‘do you have anything to swap or are you looking to give an Easter Egg away?’

Live on Zoom, our fourth ‘Saturday Swap Shop’ has Easter as its theme! We will be hosted by the Victoria Centre, where we will invite you to swap with us and others. Join us on Saturday 3rd April, between 10:30 and 12:00 midday; it’s going to be fun, there might be chocolate and it’s free!

To keep you safe on Saturday, and so that you don’t have to share your details with everyone, please register by using the contact form on our Saturday Swap Shop webpage and we will email you back with the Zoom link

Do Join in with any of our activities if you can, if you would like further details or have any questions please send us a message using the form below (selecting the subject you are enquiring about would be helpful)