The Daylight Centre

Today’s Advent Calendar opens a window for The Daylight Centre, an independent local charity that strives to help people in Wellingborough and the surrounding districts of North Northamptonshire in meeting personal challenges that range from complex mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, learning difficulties, to homelessness or just feeling fragile, isolated and alone.

The Daylight Centre Fellowship was established in 1994, registered in 2003 and ever since has assisted disadvantaged and vulnerable adults particularly rough sleepers, vulnerably housed, those in poverty and those who are socially isolated. As such, they are at the very forefront of social action within Wellingborough and the surrounding areas. They work in partnership with a range of local organisations and run different events and activities throughout the week.

The Daylight Centre’s activities include The Daylight Café, The Daylight Shop, Wellingborough Foodbank, and coming soon, The Daylight Farm allotment project. We visited them at their Queens Hall base on the High Street, the location of the Centre’s thriving community hub, and we met with Carina Fisher, Chief Executive of the charity, who told us:

“The Daylight Centre is accessible to all and everyone will be welcomed whether they’re in need of some practical support at our TLC service between 10.00am and 11.30am, dropping in for a bite to eat at The Daylight Café between 11.30am and 1pm, or for advice, information or referral at our Support Hub, also between 11.30am and 1pm.

The TLC Service is a dedicated time for anyone who is street homeless or lacking in facilities to meet their basic needs. There is access to hot showers, clothing, bedding, laundry facilities and food. They also offer a safe care of address, access to computers and telephone. They hold various drop-ins throughout the week so if you let them know what you need, they can co-ordinate with a number of organisations and support with access to these services.

The Daylight Café is a welcoming, multi-use community space that is open to all. It is a place where anyone can come to spend time, socialise and enjoy simple drinks, snacks and light meals in a relaxed atmosphere. The food is entirely prepared on site by their amazing team of volunteers. They also provide free Wi-Fi access and there are computers and telephones should you need them.

The Support Hub is to help people get access to the right support, at the right time, from the right organisation in our local area. The hub can help people who may be experiencing a range of difficulties. You may be homeless or at risk of homelessness, be facing financial challenges, struggling with substance misuse, mental and/or physical health issues. Whatever your difficulty, pop in and speak to them, they are there to help.

Local Councillor and volunteer, Valerie, gives us a guided tour of the Daylight Shop

The Daylight Shop is at 2 Cambridge Street, Wellingborough. They are your local charity shop selling an array of goods, preloved and recycled for your enjoyment.  All proceeds from the shop go to keeping the Daylight Centre open or to their foodbank to provide food parcels. The Daylight Shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30 until 4pm. All donations are gratefully received. Pop in in for a bargain!

Wellingborough Foodbank supports people at their time of greatest need or crisis via several referral partners or supporting organisations such as Citizens Advice, Job Centre Plus, Community Law, schools, Substance to Solution and various housing providers. It provides up to four days supply of food as well as essentials such as household items and toiletries. Open Monday through to Friday, 9am-12pm at Unit 3, Bradfield Road, Finedon Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, NN8 4HB.

NEW – The Daylight Farm allotment project is starting in the new year. Based in Wollaston, it will be run by Daylight volunteers and clients . It will provide a fresh supply of organic fruit and vegetables which can be redistributed throughout the service, including in The Foodbank and Daylight Café. It will also provide clients with a safe outdoors space which can support them to live a healthier, happier, more independent and purposeful lifestyle.

If you are interested in volunteering to support The Daylight Centre Fellowship, contact for more details about their activities and for an application form. You can also find out more information and about urgent items that are needed at the foodbank on their Facebook page at:

Community Allotment

Today’s Advent Calendar window opens on the Winter Solstice for our Community Allotment. Why, because on the shortest day we can look forward to longer warmer days, and get out to be doing more gardening! And that is exactly the point of our Community Allotment, to inspire everyone to either join us on our plot and/or start growing food and flowers either for themselves and our community!

Wellingborough Eco Group took on this plot at Ladywell allotments in Wellingborough last year, to give people the chance to share skills and to grow plants. The site was cleared in November 2020 and has, with many hours, many hands, and with a few additions of various buildings, fences and paths, plus tons of soil and compost, been developed into a user-friendly space to grow fruit, vegetables and other plants to benefit the community. Watch our first video back in February to see how we were getting on and our plan:

Our plan was that everyone should be able to use the plot, so hard standing for car parking, and access to a covered area near the entrance was seen as a must. Spaces for two cars have been provided at the front of the plot. A covered 12′ X 8′ ‘gazebo’ has been put up on the right as you enter plot. A fence separating the parking strip from the rest of the plot was also installed.

A hard path was then laid to a woodchip covered area where we have erected two greenhouses and two sheds. Amongst these we installed two raised beds and a speedboat, plus lots of compost bins and water buts. And then of course there’s the weeding, cultivating and planting! With many hands, we managed to fill the Community Allotment with fruit, veg and flowers, and by the summertime the plot was filled with abundance and beauty; here are just a few of the hundreds of photos we shared on the progress, of the people and about rewards of our efforts:

In addition to giving people the opportunity to try allotment gardening, we have lots of learning opportunities with demonstrations on all aspects of growing produce. We share plants and produce with each other at the allotment, at our Swap Shops, and with other community organisations. We also have a seed bank, to share with other allotment holders and for individuals to plant in their gardens; and an allotment library in the gazebo so that everyone to share gardening books and magazines. And we do more than grow fruit and veg…

Trees and Bees

The Community Allotment project also includes our Tree Nursery, which we have had next to the Community Allotment plot for three and a half years. Originally, we planted 28 whips (10 rowan, 9 cherry trees, 9 silver birch) that had been donated by Woodland Trust to Welly Trees and 1 field maple which was much larger, left over from residents planting trees in Third Avenue. Fifteen of these have been donated to other community groups to plant in and around Wellingborough. The others, including several more additions, are now between six and ten foot tall!

Earlier this year we took 50 oaks from Extinction Rebellion Rewilding, and planted 30 of them in a circle on a further plot next to the Tree Nursery, with the other 20 being planted on the Community Allotment. In July, Martine, a Wellingborough Eco Group Member, brought her bees to live with us in our ring of oak trees, amongst the bee friendly flowers we have there. We now have three hives in operation and lots of bees! Here Jonathan is on video again, this time showing us around the Community Allotment and Tree Nursery today:

Last month we extended the Tree Nursery into the space between where the older trees are and where the ring of oaks were planted, for a further 210 trees that we ordered from the Woodland Trust via Glamis Hall. These are to be planted for the Queen’s Green Canopy project, to celebrate her platinum jubilee. This project is a collection of partners including us, Glamis Hall and Castlefields Community Group, that is working with the local councils to plant trees in the town.

We received 105 of the whips and have planted them in this new space to grow them on. These trees are 15 Grey Willow, 15 Wild Cherry, 15 Silver Birch, 15 Pendunculate Oaks and 45 Rowan. The other 105 have just been delivered, which are a further 30 rowan, 15 crab apple, 15 dog rose, 15 blackthorn, 15 hazel and 15 elder, and will be planted in the new year.

Would you like to grow with us?

Anyone can volunteer at the Community Allotment, you don’t have to know anything about gardening and tools will be provided. The project is as much about community as it is allotment, so just join in, make new friends and be part of something that will benefit the town and all of us! We have regular working parties at the allotment, socially distanced of course!

The Working Parties are set up as events on our dedicated Facebook group at, and are put on our blog, please let us know if you are coming so that we can meet you at the gates to the allotment. We do hope that you have enjoyed this article and our videos, and that you may now be a little inspired, see you soon!

A year or so at our Community Allotment

Thank you to everyone who has helped transform the worst plot at Ladywell Allotments into our Community Allotment! We got this plot in May last year (see first picture) but apart from keeping the weeds down, we really only started working on it in November (see second photo.)

Many hours, many hands, and a few additions of various buildings, fences and paths, plus tons of soil and compost, have made it into a user friendly productive space for us all to use. We even have bees! Lots growing now, lots of marrows/courgettes for example if anyone wants one?

Still need to finish off the sheds, painting/windows in, and of course there’s always weeding to do, we will have new working parties next week, plus perhaps a social event up there and there’s opportunities for local community groups to join in. Well done all and thanks 🌱👍

Community Allotment Young Carers

Northamptonshire Young Carers are going to be using the allotment to give children who look after their parents the chance to have a break, to garden and to learn about nature. So as a priority this week we have fenced off under the apple tree, plus added a sink for washing hands and pots.

Everything is growing; the plants are all going for it, we have marrows ready, tomatoes taking over, spuds and onions catching up, plus we have lots of flowers 🌱🌺

Hello from our Community Allotment

Everything is growing including the weeds, and a few bits and bobs have been added since the last photos, can you spot them?

More weeding and painting needed if you want to join in tomorrow afternoon, from 1:30-5:30, where we are having a working party, a couple of people are joining us already. We’re also connecting the larger greenhouse to a water tank is needed, take your pick…

Call Jonathan on 07311 705705 to get in the gates at the end of Hillside Road, hopefully see you anytime between 1:30 & 5:30 💚

Bag Reporting Made Easy

For Wellie Wombles and all

As you may have seen, from now on, anyone litter picking in North Northamptonshire, including in the Wellingborough area, be they groups or individuals, will have to contact North Northamptonshire Council to organise collection of bags of litter picked.

To make this easier, we have made a form that you can use to notify North Northants Council where you have left your bags from your litter pick. To make sure that the bags are collected, Wellingborough Norse will receive this notification, plus we will also receive an email from this form so that we can chase it up if needed.

As an added bonus this form also updates Northants Litter Wombles for their Litter Log, so you will still only have to fill in one form! If you have taken your bags home or already have had them collected, please don’t use this form, use the Northants Litter Wombles Litter Log form instead to log your bags. Find our Bag Report form at:

This form is also available on the Wellie Wombles page of our website too!

Community Allotment Gets A Speed Boat

Lots of stuff done at our Community Allotment over the last couple of weeks. We have pretty much finished the layout, raised beds, mulch paths and we have a bright red speed boat! This has dahlias planted in it already, many more flowers to plant in it, plus it doubles up as a seat!

Lots planted and lots of reusing things too. Beans now growing up herras fence litter picked by Freddie and Jonathan. Pallet grates turned into compost bins, food totes turned into planters, and of course the speedboat.

We will be having a working party at our Community Allotment on Saturday from 10-2, all welcome. We have planting and a little weeding to do. Call me on 07311 705705 to get in the gates (which are at the end of Hillside Road, off of Finedon Road) See you there 🌻💚

We have Bees!

Martine with her bees

Martine Woolhouse (pictured above) has brought her bees to live with us on the nature plot. This hive and in the near future three others will be in our ring of oak trees, amongst lots of bee friendly flowers. She has promised lots of updates for our group 🐝💚

On our nature plot surrounded by flowers

For more updates on Martine’s bees and on how our Community Allotment is progressing, do join us on our Facebook group at

Community Allotment Update

At today’s working party I was joined by Tony Banks and Marion Turner-Hawes and we built not one, but two greenhouses built at our Community Allotment! Thank you for these Julie Ann Cormie and my nextdoor neighbours Sunny and Bernice 😍👌

Shed on the left moved over a couple of feet to accommodate Julie (yes sorry the greenhouses need names) and Sunny (had to be) is in the middle of the plot at the end of the hard path. Sheds were donated by George and Margaret btw (thank you both)

Other stuff done during the week, trellis for clematis on gazebo and two more dog wood planted. Today at our Community Allotment!

Thank you to again Tony for joining me last weekend, when we laid the main path and patio, plus planted around the gazebo then finished it off with mulch. We also got a bird table made, plus got the compost bins put together with 3 out of 5 lined ready for use…

Lots more to do, back next week 🙂👍

Today at the Community Allotment.

Today was a busy day, with lots done and lots of visitors:

– A selection of veg, salad and flower plants dropped off by Sian (thank you!)
– Another two Welly Trees re-homed, Lisa and her husband took a Cherry and a Rowan.
– Black Cockerel re-homed, now has 10 wives!
– 30 Oak trees planted in a circle, hopefully to create a Wellie Acorns natural space (may take a while…) 20 to plant.
– More weeding done, not much left to do, then to level and install path, raised beds and our two greenhouses greenhouses.
– Also, grass cut on my neighbouring plot 😎👌

Next working party Saturday and every Saturday in May from 1pm. Other opportunities to get involved too, including tomorrow morning from 7am 💚🌱