Repair Club Live 2


Repair Club comes to you live and this time we are fixing software issues, be they on your computer, tablet or phone. Perhaps your device is going too slow or you don’t know how to use an app; we’re here to help, plus there’s the invitation to get something of yours fixed live next time…

At our last Repair Club Live Simon took a laptop apart and diagnosed the issue with the screen (it needs a new cable if one can be found and then fixed) and talked us through what he was doing. Thank you to the six people who joined us to discuss this and many other things!

Join us this time for fun and a fix in an hour on Zoom, from 7:30pm until 8:30pm on Tuesday 2nd March, via

Repair Cafe 2

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall hosted our second Repair Cafe on Saturday, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale.

Our fabulous six fixers repaired 20 items, including a vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, walkman, CD player, buzz game, food mixer, solar light, lamp, drill, tablet, bicycle and clock.

Thank you to our repairers Ata, Chris, Dave, Jonathan, Simon and Xan for saving local people money and saving salvageable items from going to landfill. Thank you Judy for demonstrating how to make cleaning products from eco sources. Thank you also to Marion and Viv for helping. Thank you to Heather, Sarah and the whole team at Glamis Hall for hosting our Repair Cafe.

Here is a small selection of the photos that we took:

Our next Repair Cafe will be on Saturday 8th February, where we will have even more fixers to save you money and items from ending up in landfill!