Wellingborough Eco Group Committee Meeting 18/01/22

References for Meeting
  • Invitation sent to Committee Members, plus Kat and Sian. Zoom link sent.
  • Timing are shown as <10> with number referring to minutes allocated and time finished by after.
  • Meeting in two sessions so we can take five minutes off in the middle, with both sessions up to 40 minutes each due to Zoom limit. Sessions to start promptly at 6:30 and 7:15.
  • Items have already been added to agenda by committee members, further items to be added to AOB if time allows.
  • Minutes are below, please do read before the meeting and send any comments to info@… or messenger group.
  • Reports and proposals should be pre-prepared and last no longer than two minutes per item, to allow for discussion. More time has been allocated in part two per item.
Part One ‘Done & Doing’ 6:30-7:10pm
  1. Welcome all <1>
  2. Whiz through previous minutes <4> 6:35
  3. Look at what we do/have done:
  • Christmas Festival, Judy and Simon (to report) <5> 6:40
  • Christmas Tree Festival, Judy and Jonathan <5> 6:45
  • Advent Calendar, Jonathan <5> 6:50
  • Wellie Wombles Hubs, Freddie <5> 6:55
  • Swap Shop/Tuesday Tidy Ups, Freddie, Judy and Jonathan <5> 7:00
  • Repair Café report, Simon <5> 7:05
  • Green Drinks, Jonathan and Simon <5> 7:10
  • AOB, all

*** Five minute break! ***

Part Two ‘To do’ 7:15-7:55
  1. Look at what we can do:
  • Wellie Wombles Constituting, Freddie (to lead) <10> 7:25
  • Queens Green Canopy, Judy and Jonathan <10> 7:35
  • Food Reuse, Kat, Sian and Jonathan <10> 7:45
  • Swap Shop at Tuesday Tidy Ups Rename, all <10> 7:55

Wellingborough Eco Group Committee Meeting Minutes 23/11/21 

  1. Welcome all 
  1. Look at what we do: 
  • Repair Café – Successful in October and November, next one 8th Jan due to Christmas Festival 
  • Swap Shop – Name change needed for in person events at Tuesday Tidy Ups, no name decided on, to discuss on messenger group or at next meeting. 
  • Wellie Wombles – Local Hubs set up on Kingsway and Victoria area, but not really working, Freddie to get in contact with Community Centres on Hemmingwell and Victoria Centre to broaden reach. Freddie also looking at fundraising for kit and having a Wellie Womble committee. 
  • Tuesday Tidy Ups – keep as are till spring 
  • Two Hour Tidy Ups – to litter pick park off Stewarts road, as suggested by Jess 
  • Energy Savers – needs work, Simon to make an energy monitor, Jonathan to do a slideshow, all to think of ways to promote including energy saving measures. To re-look at training in the new year. 
  • Wellie Acorns – not working, to scrap or replace. 
  • Wellingborough Eco Map – to promote with leaflets. 
  1. Look at what we can do: 
  • Carbon Literacy Project (lottery grant) Marion has applied for a grant to pay two people to advise companies on their carbon footprints. To find out if successful in new year. 
  • T-shirts and mugs – To order 10 womble, Eco and Banner mugs, 10 Womble and eco bags. 
  • New Kids group to replace Wellie Acorns – Undecided 
  • Eco Hub/Shop – Needs to be more than just a place to collect bags and equipment, a repurposing and repair shop too. To look at possibilities and other possibilities. 
  • Eco Community Centre – Same as shop, but apparently there are lots of unused community spaces, to investigate… 
  • Green Drinks (every 2 weeks/month) – Green Drinks 1st Tuesday Evening of the month, Eco Meeting 3rd Tuesday. No Eco Meeting in December as is Christmas. 
  1. AOB 
  • Community Repair Network Questionnaire – Judy talked about this, to share. 
  • Community organisation – To look at constituting Wellingborough Organisations 
  • Wellingborough Forum – As part of Jonathan’s new job, he is going to be employed to organise a live forum, but what format is this going to take? To look at…