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Wellingborough Eco group is all about you and what we can do environmentally locally in a friendly and positive way. We do this by sharing and working collaboratively to help improve our borough’s environment, to reduce, reuse and recycle items that would otherwise end up in landfill, and to help local people reduce their carbon footprints.

Social media enables more people to get involved. Our Facebook Group has grown to have more than 400 members! It’s a busy group where members share ideas, events and services with like minded local people. Our group on NextDoor has been set up to connect more people and it works in the same way as our Facebook Group. Join our social media groups via the links.

To enable us to share the activities of our group further, we are on Twitter and have a Facebook Page. These will include group updates about our activities, blog posts from this website, plus news and ideas from the group’s members. We also have Instagram to share pictures of what we do and of local services too! Join us, follow us and share us. To get you in the mood, here is some of our latest content on Twitter:

Community Allotment. Another great working party yesterday! We put roof on gazebo, concreted posts in to fix it & put canteen tables (donated by Morrisons Wellingborough) Half load compost also delivered by Michael Young, so at next work party (Sunday 1+) we’ll be doing gardening


There is still time to register for next Community Resilience Forum! This time One Wellingborough Plus is inviting you to work with them & others now & after restrictions have been eased.
Join in on Friday at 2pm to make a difference, find out more at

Saturday Swap Shop this morning!

This time we are asking ‘do you have anything to swap or are you looking to give an Easter Egg away?’

Join us between 10:30 and 12:00 midday; it’s going to be fun, there might be chocolate and it’s free!


Repair Club Live 4 –
Really entertaining and informative evening had by all last night, with Simon Turner attempting to fix a window vacuum and an iron.
Good news is Simon fixed the iron & thinks that with a little TLC the window vacuum may work too! See you all in a fortnight!

There are loads of Wellingborough Eco Group activities happening this week! We have 5 dates for activities coming up, hopefully you can join us at the Community Allotment, Tuesday Tidy Up, Repair Club Live or Saturday Swap Shop? #Wellingborough #Northants

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