School Uniform Reuse Project +

Wellingborough Eco Group and Greatwell Homes.

We would like to give Greatwell Homes residents and service users at ECO HUB the opportunity to donate, swap and receive school uniforms as part of our Swap Shop. This will be open to all but will also have the opportunity for Greatwell Homes residents to get vouchers for free uniforms. It will form into a school uniform bank that will be available for those that are in need to get uniform as and when it is needed.

Our ‘School Uniform Reuse Project Plus’ is a bit of a mouthful of a title, so it will also be shortened to SURP+, which is short and catchy, and by adding the ‘+’ to the end makes it read like surplus which works well with the theme! So if you have you have uniform that your child has grown out of, share your surplus items with us so we can pass them on!

Uniforms will be available on Tuesdays 12-6, Thursdays 10-2 and the second Saturday of the month 9-12 at ECO HUB, Glamis Hall, Goldsmith Road, NN8 3RU. It will be part of Wellingborough Swap Shop and work in the same way, but will also have a voucher system for free uniforms if referred. Donations of uniforms will be much appreciated from all schools in Wellingborough. We will also be contacting schools to make more uniforms available.

We will initially start off SURP+ with a ‘Back to School’ promotion, that is publicised on social media and via leaflets to the homes surrounding Glamis Hall. This leaflet and post will include a voucher to enable one free item of uniform but will also have a box for Greatwell Homes customers to tick, to enable the offer of further items. The ‘Back to School’ offer will also include other essentials like calculators and exercise books.

The second stage will focus on permanently offering school uniforms for swaps or a small donation as part of our existing Swap Shop offer as a School Uniform Bank. Wellingborough Swap Shop has recently been improved with many more items now available at ECO HUB. Vouchers will still be offered and redeemable at the School Uniform Bank. Vouchers, or voucher codes may also be given by Greatwell Homes to their customers in need for school uniforms.

Customers using this service will also benefit from Wellingborough Eco Group’s other services including Food Sharers, where they can get food that is at or slightly passed it’s best before date for free, saving the food from waste whilst saving customers money on their food bills. Happy Cafes offer free cooked food on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Eco-Crafters meet weekly to share skills and socialise, and Eco Club for Kids on Fridays offer activities for home educated children during term time, and all families during the school holidays.