Wellie Wombles

Wellingborough Outstanding Environment Champion Award Winners 2023

Wellie Wombles have won Wellingborough Town Council’s Outstanding Environment Champion Award for 2023. Freddie and Georgina Harris received this on behalf of the group for leading in a voluntary or partnership capacity the group that has delivered and supported work aimed at making Wellingborough greener!

Wellie Wombles came into being during the first covid lock down in February 2021. When we walked a great deal more locally by way of exercise and as a result saw a great deal more litter! So much so that we started litter picking as we walked, then inspired by others across the county, Freddie decided to make use of social media to form our own group.

It was not long after that we had joined the Wellingborough Eco Group on their monthly litter pick that we decided that with their offer and established links it would be to our mutual benefit to join them, so today we are an independent group working with and under the Eco Group’s umbrella, with sole aim of helping to keep our environment as clear of litter as we can, to report Fly Tipping and return  abandoned trolleys.

The volunteers originally, worked almost exclusively independently, as still is the case by and large today, but group picks are now becoming regular events again following the lifting of restrictions, coupling, clearing up and bonding as a team and friends.

There are also now an expanding group of hubs around the town where local people can borrow equipment, clear the area of their concern and return it the same day. These are available at our Tuesday Tidy Ups from Glamis Hall‘s community room on Tuesdays 2-6 pm, at the Victoria centre on weekdays, and at Wellingborough Library Monday to Saturday.

Have a look at our Hubs Map for locations where equipment can be borrowed including other locations where equipment can be borrowed by arrangement. Message Freddie using the form below to find out more. You can also join in with regular organised litter picks with Wellingborough Eco Group who host Two Hour Tidy Ups on the last Saturday of the month at various locations; and with the Gleneagles group on the 1st Saturday of the month. Pink litter bags are free and available from all these outlets.

Join in!

Use this calendar to find out about Wellie Wombles events and activities, plus other things to get involved with at Wellingborough Eco Group:

A lot of Wombles buy their own equipment, this allows them to pick when and where it suits their personal circumstances. Litter pickers cost between £12.00 and £20.00, and hoops are £9.00 each. They are all available from Wellingborough Eco Group at Glamis hall community room Tuesdays 2-6 pm and additionally we hope other outlets in the future or off our order form below. Local stores supply them also and these may be cheaper but are generally less reliable. 

The Wombles have also attracted and welcomed youngsters taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme from youth groups and schools. The Eco Group offers borrowing of litter pickers and hoops which can returned on the same day or on a refundable deposit basis over a longer period if doing the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Wellingborough eco group have developed an easy to use Bag Report system that notifies all interested parties and ensures cashes of litter bags are picked up using the ‘what3words’ location app. There also apps for fly tipping Fixmystreet, and Trollywise.

The Wombles make use of Facebook to post photographs so the members can all see what a great job that is being done and encourage others, we encourage everybody to become members of our Facebook group, so we can assist and advise as much as possible. Such as sending out our info sheet of putting them in touch with our hubs.

Last but not least Wombles are asked to keep safely at the forefront of their minds because neither the Wellie Wombles or Wellingborough Eco Group can accept responsibility for loss or injury whilst volunteer litter picking. Do fill in the form below to message Freddie or to borrow/buy equipment, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Only required if borrowing or buying equipment
Deposits for Duke of Edinburgh course loans