Wellingborough Recycling Centre

At Wellingborough household waste recycling centre, you can recycle lots of things! They accept a wide range of recyclable materials (see below). Any waste that cannot be recycled or is not sorted for recycling will be sent to landfill.

The waste accepted at our sites includes:

​Antifreeze​Yes​Please seek a member of staff for help. Must be domestic waste.
​Caravans and trailers​No
​Car batteries​Yes
​Chemical and radioactive hazardous waste *​No
​Cooking oil​Yes
​Fire extinguishers​No​Can be disposed of at Rushden
​Fluorescent tubes​Yes
​Food tins and drink cans​Yes
​Fridges and freezers​Yes
​Garden waste Yes
​Gas bottles​No​​Can be disposed of at Rushden
​General household waste​Yes​This includes items such as sofas, beds and mattresses.
​Hardcore and rubble​Yes
​Hard plastics​Yes
​Large appliances​Yes
​Low energy bulbs​Yes
​Mixed glass, bottles and jars​Yes
​Mobile phones​Yes
​Oil filters (automotive)​Yes​Please seek a member of staff for help. Must be domestic waste.
​Plastic bottles​Yes
​Portable batteries​Yes
​Scrap metalYes
​Small appliances​Yes
​TVs and monitors *​Yes
​Used engine oil *​Yes
​Weed killerNo
​Wood and Timber​Yes

*What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste is any liquid or solid material that may cause harm to people or the environment if not disposed of correctly. The following are examples of hazardous waste you may have at home:

Household products

  • Paint
  • Oven cleaner
  • Fire extinguishers

Car products

  • Antifreeze
  • Oil filters
  • Engine oil

Garden products

  • Weed killers

Please refer to the above table on whether the hazardous waste will be accepted.

Sharps disposal

We are not able to dispose of sharps at the household waste recycling centres. Please contact your doctor or local health authority for advice on sharps disposal.

​Opening times

​Day​Site open
​Monday​10am to 6pm
​Tuesday​10am to 6pm
​Friday​10am to 6pm
​Saturday​10am to 6pm
​Sunday​10am to 6pm
Facilities in Rushden and Northampton are open when Wellingborough is closed


Vehicles are restricted to a maximum weight limit of 3.5 tonnes.

Check what restrictions and limits apply to how much waste you can bring as DIY waste disposal.


They are currently unable to accept pedestrian access to this site.


For sale at this site for £3.75 per 25 litre bag.

This facility is operated by Northamptonshire County Council.