Community Resilience Activities

We are looking to work with partners across the borough to deliver a range of activities that help people and groups build personal and community resilience in response to economic, health and wellbeing pressures.  These Community Resilience Activities will be initially part of the One Wellingborough project, potentially funded by the Borough Council of Wellingborough (subject to approval) and led by the Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Eco Group. Activities will include:

  1. Set up a Timebank to support people and help make volunteering sustainable for people and organisations.
  2. Establish Community Swap / Sharing Clubs, sharing tools and resources more around people and organisations – helping people and reducing waste.
  3. Set up a Community Food Growing project – showing how to grow our own food.
  4. Clear up our communities and convert ‘grot spots’ to ‘Love Lots’, growing food, flowers and inspiring people, led by Wellingborough Eco Group and Castle Fields Streetwatch.
  5. Getting to Know You – helping people to get to know each other through our ‘talking library’ and helping many people coping with grief know there are people on hand to ‘Listen and Help’

These ideas are all project proposals from members of Wellingborough Eco Group. The listed activities have been included in a grant application by One Wellingborough (Glamis Hall/Victoria Centre) to the Borough Council of Wellingborough. This is of course subject to support from members of the group and other partners from the borough. Wellingborough Eco Group will continue to work on other projects with other partners, including existing and new projects with Glamis Hall. If you want to support any of these activities, please comment here or on our Facebook Group.

Community Cycling Support Project

The Lockdown period has seen a considerable increase in people cycling. For health, well being and environmental reasons we wish to enable this to continue and to support many more people to buy or dig out their bikes and get back in the ‘saddle’.

Following on the Government’s new Active Travel Initiative, we, the One Wellingborough project led by Victoria Centre, Wellingborough Eco Group and supported by NENESCAPE, believe the Borough Council of Wellingborough could leave a cycling infrastructure legacy as we move to the new Unitary Council. With this in mind we will…

(i) Provide Bike Shelters – Working with partners to provide a number of secure bike shelters around the area – mainly in CCTV secure places, (up to 8) including at Victoria Centre, Glamis Hall, outside the Police Station or by the Museum / Castle Theatre, at WACA and Hemingwell Skills Centre, enabling people to have a safe place to lock their bikes once they arrive at their destination.

(ii) Carry out an audit of our cycle paths and cycling facilities across the borough, in town and rural areas – identifying blockages, gaps and contribute the updating the Wellingborough Cycle Map.

(iii) Run 3 Cycling ‘Come, Try and Repair’ Days – where children and adults can dust off their cycling skills and learn how to safely cycle – they will also learn basic bike maintenance and access repairs via our Bike Repair Cafe.

If you are supporting us with this initiative, please comment here or on our Facebook Group.