Free Range

FREE RANGE this Monday!

Our Fortnightly Monday sessions will be at various locations. We will be meet at ECO HUB every four weeks, at 10am to look at the plan over a cup of tea and to get tools; and then on the other weeks at our Community Allotment to help nature on the plot and around the Ladywell Allotments site.

These work out to be the first Monday of the month at ECO HUB in January, February, March and April, and on the third Monday of the month at our Community Allotment at Ladywell Allotments.

Don’t be nature strangers, be Nature Rangers!

These sessions will be lead by Grow Wild Outreach and Wellingborough Eco Group, and they are open to everyone. Grow Wild Outreach will also offer the Monday sessions to those who need assistance and will provide a fully supervised service at a cost.

The point of this group is to give plants, trees, birds, insects and animals a chance to thrive by restoring habitats and by caring for our wild creatures. This is also an opportunity to show the we care for wildlife so that ‘the powers that be’ don’t destroy the vital habitats that support local wildlife.

Join us a Free Range, 10am at ECO HUB (check out the calendar on this page) or our Community Allotment, and out 10:30 till 1:30, let’s see what we can do!