We’re changing our group to a charity!

Over the past couple of months, we have been looking at our structure. Currently we are a constituted community group, which serves us well but has a few short comings. For example, since our organisation is not a separate legal entity in the eyes of the law, the committee takes personal liability for any risk or debts.

The legal structure (click link to see options) can have a huge impact on any future activities, such as fundraising, trading or contracting because the legal status is closely linked with how you we governed and regulated. It can also affect our legal rights as an organisation.

We have looked at the many different legal entities that we can adopt, the one your committee has settled on is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation by Association (CIO) because it doesn’t change the ethos of the group and it is less rigid in how it is maintained than a conventional charity.

What is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation?

  • A CIO is a legal structure regulated by the Charity Commission that was introduced to help simplify the process for setting up a charity.
  • A CIO is governed by Charity Law (not Company Law) and the liability of trustees is limited (rather like being a director of a limited company)

There are two forms of CIO:

  • Association model – this has a wider membership, including voting members other than charity trustees. We have a registered membership and we want to keep this.
  • Foundation model – the only members are the trustees and there is no wider membership. Glamis Hall is a Foundation CIO.

Why do this when what we are is working?

  • Having a charitable status makes it easier for companies to support us. Some simply will not support us as we are.
  • Becoming a legal entity, means that we can limit the liability of our committee and members.
  • There is no minimum level of income required to register as a CIO so we can immediately apply to be registered at the Charity Commission.
  • As we grow, we will exceed the financial limit for our current status, so we need to change to a legal entity.
  • Most other legal structures, including Community Interest Companies (CIC) Co-operatives and Limited Companies by Guarantee are better suited to not-for-profit businesses that generate income through sales.
  • We want to remain a community group with a membership, that delivers services with the support of partners, to benefit local people and our environment.
  • Wellingborough Eco Group is a membership organisation, that has a committee that represents the members. We wanted to keep this structure where every member’s voice counts.
  • Becoming a CIO will mean that we will also have trustees who are legally responsible for the organisation, but as an associated CIO our members will continue to drive and add to what we do.

What difference will it make to me?

  • For most people, absolutely nothing in the short term; but in the long term we will be able to improve and increase our services.

Have your say!

  • Please do let us know what you think to us becoming an Associated CIO. You views are important, this is your group.
  • We will formally move forward with this proposal at our next Committee Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 15th at ECO HUB.

Registered members are most welcome to attend. Join for free at https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/join-us/ (if you haven’t already) to receive newsletters and to vote.

Becoming a CIO is all about what is best for the long term and about making our group sustainable, so that we can continue to make our community more sustainable for everyone.

Thank you for your support.

Stanwell Park Litter Picked

Wellingborough Eco Group & Wellie Wombles

A huge thank you to the 11 litter picking heroes that joined us on our Two Hour Tidy Up this morning in Stanwell Park. We filled an 20 bags full of litter and pulled out various items from the stream including four trolleys, six bicycles, two car tyres, four chairs, a mattress, a tent, a bin full of rubble and various lumps of wood.

Wellingborough Eco Group have a Two Hour Tidy Up with Wellie Wombles every month. This time we we litter picked Stanwell Park and the surrounding area. Our Recycling Station was set up at 9:30 for litter picking 10-12. Our next one will be on 29th of July in a location to be decided, perhaps in a park near you!

Massive thank you Brenda for getting in the stream, and to Glenn, Sarah, Kate, Judy, Jehovian, Jonathan, Rachel and Tim, and Ray and Jackie for picking up so much litter, much of which has been mown into tiny pieces. Thank you also to local residents who joined in to help move some of the larger items and to those offered drinks to our litter pickers too. Well done all!

The Great Big Green Wellingborough Circular Walk and Cycle was great!

Wellingborough Eco Group

Thank you to the 16 people that joined us today for The Great Big Green Wellingborough Walk and Cycle. It was a great event and we will do it again, the walk and the cycle was lovely and then top top it off we had a massive BBQ and buffet!

Whilst ten happy cyclists took off on The Great Big Green Wellingborough Circular Walk and Cycle six mile Red Route, we join Jonathan, Jane, Aleksandra and Stefania walking on three mile Green Route. Here they take you round on today’s three mile Green Route is off road cycle paths all the way.

Watch us walk the Green Route –

From ECO HUB we follow cycle paths through Queensway Park and then take paths through green space next to Hardwick Road. We take Old Hardwick Road up to the Community Garden (which we have a little look around) then through the parkland on Park Farm, into Queensway Park and then back to ECO HUB.

The cyclists took on and very nearly completed the six mile Red Route. Obviously the children need to stop at every playground on the way and were completely worn out, but had certainly worked up an appetite so our BBQ and buffet went down well!

Watch Jonathan and Looby do the Red Route –

The six mile Red Route took them through many of our local parks. From ECO HUB go through the houses to Shelley Road and into Stanwell Park. Across Northampton Road to go past the lake into Croyland Park. Then through houses and Spring Gardens, across Oxford Street, through Bassetts Close Park to Brickhill Road and then through a green space following the cycle path onto Hardwick Road. Then through Glamis Meadow and Wood into Kilborn Park. Up Blaydon Walk onto Waterworks Lane to join Hardwick Road again. Then through the parkland on Park Farm, into Queensway Park and then back to ECO HUB.

Massive thank you to Emma Davies for preparing a cracking buffet, to Judy and Jonathan for being our guides, and most of all to Justyna and Dominic, Celina, Sebastian, Stefania and Aleksandra, Sabina and Inacy, Tim and Rachel, Jane, Beata and Nela for joining our Circular Walk and Cycle for The Great Big Green Week and Better Transport Week.

Here are some photos from today’s event, why not watch the videos too? You can do the routes too every Tuesday and Thursday from ECO HUB, join us at our Happy Cafes 12-2, where we have free refreshments. Find the map and more details at wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/circular

The Great Big Green Week

The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. It takes place between 10th and 18th June. Tens of thousands of people in every corner of the country celebrate the heartfelt, brave, everyday actions being taken to stand up for nature and fight climate change.

We have loads on for you during The Great Big Green Week, and it kicks off at Glamis Hall and ECO HUB on Saturday 10th June with an Indoor Car Boot Sale that includes a huge Swap Shop and in the ECO HUB we have our Repair Cafe.

Wellingborough Repair Café

As it’s also Cycling UK Bike Week (Monday 5th to Sunday 11th June) and Better Transport Week next week, and the sun is out, we’re fixing bicycles! If you need help fixing up an underused bike, book it in and come along. Our team of fixers will be looking to get you back on two wheels in no time.

We’ve just got a few time slots left for electrical repairs this Saturday afternoon; but have plenty of capacity for any other items that need fixing! Bring your bikes, clothes and furniture items. Please book your items in at:

Wellingborough Swap Shop

Join us at Glamis Hall’s Indoor Car Boot Sale for our clothes and entertainment Swap Shop. It’s going to be a boutique on a budget, plus there’s hundreds of books and DVDs! Everything is available for swaps or a small donation, and if that wasn’t enough then there are lots of other great stalls, selling a range of reused items and food. Our ECO HUB will be open for even more Wellingborough Swap Shop stuff including household items and toys! Come and see us and all at Glamis Hall to grab a bargain or three!

Join in with The Great Big Green Week

Wellingborough Eco Group is joining in with lots of events with various partners, including all of our weekly activities, Co-op Sustainability LIVE on Tuesday 2-4pm and The Great Big Green Wellingborough Circular Walk and Cycle from ECO HUB on Sunday 18th 10am-2pm. Keep an eye on our social media or look at our calendar at for more details:

Community Allotment Working Party Wednesday 10-2.

Here are photos of our plot 3 years ago. Unfortunately we have a lot of work to do to get it back to this, but with some good weather and many hands this is where we want to be in May.

So this Wednesday we’re going to be working on three fronts:-

1, to carry on with the excellent work Tim, John and Tricia have been doing adjacent to the gazebo.
2, turf turning the herb garden by the wooden greenhouse and plots either side.
3, covering the tree nursery with cardboard boxes and then wood chips.

Maybe this could be done just in time for putting in some of the seeds that I sowed at the weekend. Plenty more to go in directly, plus maybe some more at Saturday’s Seed Swap at ECO HUB 9-12 then at our gazebo 1-5.

Lots to do, but always time for tea, join us at 10 at the gates at the end of Hillside Road or anytime by calling 07311 705705 to get in.

Repair Cafe This Saturday

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall are hosting the Repair Café at the Indoor Car Boot Sale, 9 -12 tomorrow Saturday 12th February (on every 2nd Saturday morning of the month)

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. Repair Cafes are completely non-commercial. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will give it their best efforts. Repairers are always keen to teach you how to do the repair – or at least have you watch while they do it.

There is no charge for entry or repair but donations are gratefully received and help pay for costs. You can basically bring anything you can carry that will not make a mess in the venue. Whatever it is, it might not even be broken – just dirty, and you don’t know how to clean it without damaging it – or you can’t work out how to use it without the manual – bring it along!

Find out more at https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/repair-cafe/ or join our Repair Club on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/repairclub

Energy Savers

Free Home Energy Advice in Northamptonshire

Energy Savers are local people who want to save energy and money. Wellingborough Eco Group has started this new community energy project with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to help save energy and cut your bills.

Supported by Glamis Hall and other community organisations, we offer free simple home energy advice in Northamptonshire via the Energy Savers website, the Energy Savers Facebook group and at workshops.

The Facebook group is all about sharing tips, your experiences, good and bad, and asking for help. Our workshops and documents will also be shared on here for you.

The website offers tips and information that helps local people spend less on their gas and electricity bills; by saving energy and helping people understand bills, suppliers and meters. Have a look at http://www.energysavers.org.uk/

Be an Energy Saver, save energy and cut your bills

Family Festival at Glamis Hall

Thank you everyone for a great Family Festival at Glamis Hall yesterday. There was lots on our stall, including a giraffe race, and plant swap shop, plus information about Wellingborough Eco Group and Wellie Wombles!

There was lots of fun activities inside the hall and outside for the whole family, and most were FREE! Over 700 people came through the doors between 10 and 3.

Simon’s giraffes were very busy (with a little help from Simon Turner of course!) We gave away 40+ plants, had lots of interest in our display and leaflets and sold a litter picker too.

Well done Freddie Harris who picked 4 bags of litter (you just can’t keep a good Womble from litter picking!) and we filled up our Womble Bin! Great day had by all ??

New Repair Club at Glamis Hall!

From Tuesday and then every Tuesday we will host our popular Repair Club from 6 until 8pm to save you money and the planet!

There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved, our repairers will give it their best efforts. There is no charge for a repair, but donations are gratefully received and help pay for costs. All donations will be split 50/50 with Glamis Hall.

Repair Club has been set up by Wellingborough Eco Group to work alongside our Repair Cafes at Glamis Hall. These usually take place during their Indoor Car Boot Sales, on the second Saturday of month, but have been on hold due to covid.

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. Repair Cafes are completely non-commercial. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will give it their best efforts.

Repair Club works the same but depending on the fix, some items may need to be left with us and collected when repaired. Items will need to be brought to Glamis Hall’s Community Room where a repairer will be available to advise (advice also available online)

This service is only available on Tuesdays between 6-8pm at Glamis Hall or at anytime via our website or virtually on our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/repairclub

For more information see https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/repair-cafe/repair-club/
See you (and your broken items) on Tuesday evening!

General Meeting – 4th May 2021

Thank you to the 13 people who joined us for a General Meeting to talk about our activities and associations. Simon, Jonathan, Freddie, Georgina, Judy, Anthony, Becky, Lizz, Tricia, John, Julian, Suzanne and Sophie started off by looking at our Zoom events, and discussed whether in person events would be better; using the Victoria Centre for some of our events and continuing our partnership with Glamis Hall for others.

We looked at hosting a ‘Wellingborough Eco Festival’, possibly at the Victoria Centre, and decided to set up a sub-committee of members to work on it. This will incorporate our Repair Club, Swap Shop, Wellie Wombles and Wellie Acorns groups, plus be open to other organisations to promote their eco-friendly activities.

Watch this month’s meeting on YouTube, the next hopefully will be face to face.

We decided when our litter picking ‘Two Hour Tidy Ups’ will re-start These will start again on Saturday 29th May as part of The Great British Spring Clean, at the usual times from 10am until midday. Freddie Harris talked about the amazing things that Wellie Wombles have been up to, plus we elected Freddie as our Litter Picking Secretary so he can act on behalf of the group in his correspondence with local companies and services, plus lead on our litter picking activities.

We looked at our partnerships with Glamis Hall, Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Library and more new initiatives, with lots of opportunities for more projects coming up, members decided that we need to focus on our current activities and the eco festival. We decided that the next meeting should be a social one in a pub, so we will restart our Green Drinks events in two weeks and that further General Meetings should be in person. We also looked at our membership, the idea of a timebank and our funds. All in all, a lively and positive meeting that gives us a solid platform to build on.