The Great Big Green Week this Tuesday!

Wellingborough Eco Group, Wellie Wombles & Co-op

We’re having a huge ‘village fete’ of a celebration for The Great Big Green Week at ECO HUB Glamis Hall this Tuesday afternoon. Join us for our weekly activities inside and lots of stalls outside:

  • Happy Cafe 12-6 (free food and hot drinks)
  • Tuesday Tidy Ups 12-6 (litter picking)
  • Wellingborough Swap Shop 2-6 (swap or donate)
  • Food Sharers 2-6 (free food from supermarkets)
  • Eco & Recycling Games 2-6 (just 50p a go!)
  • Co-op Sustainability LIVE 2-4 (find out more!)
  • Northants Veggies & Vegans BBQ 1-4 (just £2!)
  • Energy Savers advice from Val at Utility Warehouse 1-4

This is our largest event ever, you could not pick a better time to come and visit us! With so much on, and most of it for free, we would love to welcome you to ECO HUB, home of Wellingborough Eco Group, this Tuesday afternoon. See you there!


Join us at ECO HUB, Glamis Hall for all of this…

Tuesday 2-6pm

Tuesday Tidy Ups
Wellingborough Swap Shop
Food Sharers

Wednesday 1-3pm


Thursday 12-2pm

Happy Café
Replay Board Games
Energy Savers

Thursday 6-8pm

Happy Poems Workshop

Thursday 6:30-9pm

Wellie Wombles Winter Warmer (at Castello Lounge)

Friday 12-3pm

Eco Club for Kids

Saturday 9am-12 noon

Repair Café
Baby Swap Shop (at Glamis Hall Indoor Boot Sale)

Sunday 12-4

Vegan Food Sharers (at Animals In Need Northamptonshire Vegan Food and Cruelty Free Fair)

Join in, get involved, go ECO HUB!

Join in to celebrate our opening day!


CELEBRATION CAFE 2-4: Free tea, coffee, cakes and pop, to start our ECO HUB with a pop! Take our quiz to find out how much different appliances cost to run, answers at…

ENERGY SAVERS WORKSHOP 4-6: Saving energy saves you money, come and find out how, plus watch Wellingborough Climate Action Project Energy Savers workshop presentations.

Join in, get involved, go ECO HUB! Everyone’s invited ?

Energy Basics Workshop

In Wellingborough Climate Action Project’s first online workshop we discussed the basics about saving energy at home or at work and highlighted any quick wins. This was all about sharing ideas with those that joined us on Thursday 19th May at 7pm, with each other and with you watching the recording of the workshop below.

Marion Turner-Hawes started us off with an introduction to our workshops and gave us an update about the Wellingborough Climate Action Project. Jonathan Hornett then lead a conversational presentation about Energy Basics and all discussed the savings and quick wins that were introduced. We also had many other ideas and contributions from delegates.

Thank you to our presenters and to everyone who joined us to make this a successful and productive evening. We hope that you enjoy watching our first Workshop and that you join us for our next workshop that looks at ‘Energy Use’. Find out more about our upcoming workshops and register at

Tuesday Tidy Ups and Swap Shop

It’s Tuesday again tomorrow, our fun day in Glamis Hall. Come and borrow (or buy) litter pickers and hoops, plus get your NNC bags for free. Come and and have a Tuesday Tidy Up!

Wellingborough Swap Shop is back again with food and more from Redeem Funds, Glamis Hall and our Community Allotment . As always, bring what you want, take what you like it’s all free!

Energy Savers is there too to save energy and cut your bills, lots of info now on the website at (available on Tuesday afternoons too!)

See you tomorrow, 2-6, in Glamis Hall’s Community Room ?