Food Sharers Slow Cooker Winter Warmer this Sunday!

Wellingborough Eco Group

Like to cook, love to share, bring a pot and eat a lot. We’re at ECO HUB Glamis Hall this Sunday lunchtime for our Winter Warmer, and this time it’s a free for all!

We are on a mission to save food waste, Food Sharers is all about collecting food and saving it for you to eat, reusing it, and at Happy Cafes, cooking it for you to enjoy.

This Sunday’s Slow Cooker Winter Warmer is about all saving food together, cooking something in a slow cooker and sharing it in our Winter Warm Space; it’s just a social food event, bring what you can if you can, all welcome.

Wellingborough Eco Group are hosting the Winter Warm Space again this year, at ECO HUB 10am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during December, January, February and March. We also are offering various themed Winter Warmers at weekends.

So come to our Food Sharers Slow Cooker Winter Warmer. Everything needs to be labelled as meat, veggie or vegan, so everyone is happy, everything is free. Join us at ECO HUB this Sunday 21st of January 12-3, maybe 4, all welcome!