Nature Rangers

Wellingborough Eco Group, Grow Wild Outreach, More Trees Now

We have a really exciting new group to get involved with, that has been set up to care for wildlife in Wellingborough, Rushden, Higham Ferrers and the surrounding towns and villages. The group is a simple sharing ‘what you do and what we do together’ or ‘what you see’ group, that focuses nature, and a group that has regular activities to give wildlife a helping hand.

You can share the things you do or see in your garden, allotment, park, meadow, wood, pond, lake or river. You can be a Nature Ranger for an area and ask others to join in with you, or you can join in with our group activities fortnightly on Mondays 10-2, or monthly on the third Saturday of every month 9-12. If you are on Facebook, you can join in on our Nature Rangers group today!

Don’t be nature strangers, be Nature Rangers!

The point of this group is to give plants, trees, birds, insects and animals a chance to thrive by restoring habitats and by caring for our wild creatures. This is also an opportunity to show the we care for wildlife so that ‘the powers that be’ don’t destroy the vital habitats that support local wildlife. We are a group of individuals and:

  • Wellingborough Eco Group, a group set up to look after the environment locally and to enable people to reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat, See
  • Grow Wild Outreach, a not for profit company that specialises in giving people opportunities to care and protect nature, see for more details
  • More Trees Now, a pan European campaign that has just started in the UK to rescue saplings to replant them and distribute them to those who want trees, see

Our Fortnightly Monday sessions start on 8th January, these will be at various locations, often meeting at ECO HUB at 10am to look at the plan over a cup of tea and to get tools. These sessions will be lead by Grow Wild Outreach and Wellingborough Eco Group, and they are open to everyone. Grow Wild Outreach will also offer the Monday sessions to those who need assistance and will provide a fully supervised service at a cost.

Our monthly Saturday sessions start on November 18th 9am-12pm to plant trees in Kilborn Park. We have 400 trees to plant, so please do join us for this. Saturdays will always meet in the location that we are working in, and will have a Ranger Station that will have hot drinks and equipment available to borrow.

Sapling Savers

We want your saplings, the trees that have self set in random places where they either aren’t wanted or stand no chance of growing. Could you be a Nature Ranger Sapling Saver? Sarah can!

Find out more on our Sapling Savers page

We will have more tree planting sessions and will meet to look after the trees we have planted. We will have habitat restoration sessions, making bird and bug box sessions, sessions at our Tree Nursery and more. You can join in with all of our sessions for free (excluding supervised service) some tools and materials will be available, but please do bring your own if you can. Guidelines will be given, failure to follow these will be at you own risk.

Don’t be a stranger to nature, be a Nature Ranger, join in today!