Queens Trees In

Wellingborough Eco Group have been busy bees 🐝 today at our Community Allotment. We planted 105 broad leaf trees as part of our ‘Wellingborough Queen’s Green Canopy’ nursery, to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee next June 2022.

Thank you to Judy, Niall, Jonathan and Marion for all their hard work today. Thank to our friends at Glamis Hall for making the trees available and to the Woodland Trust for providing them.

These trees are ‘settling in’ at our Community Allotment as we await volunteers from across our community keen to step forward and give them a permanent home.

We will shortly be inviting community groups, schools, faith groups and many more community agencies to come forward and take a few trees to plant where you are. There are lots to chose from. Today we planted…

15 Grey Willow trees,
15 Wild Cherry 🍒
15 Silver Birch
15 Pendunculate Oaks trees
45 Rowan trees

Why not get in touch, contact info@wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk to help give them new home.