Support Wind Applications

Support Wind Applications in Northants is the Northamptonshire Pro Wind Alliance including Wellingborough Eco Group, the Green Party, Friends of the Earth and other wind farm supporters that want proposed wind farms in Northants to WIN their applications.

Compared with fossil fuels and nuclear power, renewable energy that harnesses the sun, the wind and other natural energy flows is relatively benign. In particular, very few pollutants are emitted per unit of energy generated. Moreover, renewables provide a diverse, secure and inexhaustible source of energy. Coupled with a programme of improved energy efficiency, renewable energy displaces finite or less benign energy sources in response to peak oil and climate change.

Established in January 2010, the Support Wind Applications in Northants campaign has successfully supported the New Albion Wind Farm near Rushton, the Yelvertoft Wind Farm and the Burton Wold extensions between Burton Latimer and Finedon. Find out more on the ProWA website and join in on our Facebook group.