Tuesday Tidy Ups

Wellingborough Eco Group’s weekly litter picking equipment loan and bag collection service is at Glamis Hall from 2 until 6pm.

We have decided to do this to give Wellie Wombles volunteer litter pickers the opportunity to collect their bags and borrow or buy litter pickers, hi-vis vests, hoops and gloves after school or work.

Glamis Hall also offer you the opportunity to recycle everyday household and food packaging items with TerraCycle. They set this up to give local people the opportunity to be able to recycle lots of everyday things that would otherwise end up in landfill, find out more at  https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/map/glamis-hall-recycling/

Everyone (without Covid-19 symptoms) is welcome. If you are borrowing please bring your own gloves and we will lend you the rest of the equipment. Wellingborough Norse will take away the litter you pick if you post where you have left it on our Wellie Wombles Facebook Group or call them with the location..

We will be based in the Community Room at Glamis Hall. This is located at the back of the building and has car parking available. Join us from 4:00 to 8:00pm every week for a Tuesday Tidy Up, more details on our blog and our social media outlets – Everyone is welcome!

Continue round the corner of Goldsmith Road to enter the rear car park.

If you would like to reserve your litter picking equipment or bags, you can by filling in the form below. You can also reserve litter pickers and hoops to buy with this form. There should be plenty for everyone and you can just turn up. If you would like directions or have any questions please email info@wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk or call 07311 705705

Please tick which group(s) you belong to

Tuesday Tidy Up Rules

  1. Covid safety is be our top priority, those not complying with government guidelines such as hands, space, face regulations will not be served.
  2. Wear a facemask and always keep two metres distance from everyone else when collecting and returning. Two metre guidelines will be marked outside the collection point.
  3. Hand sanitiser, tissue and anti-bac spray will be available for people to sanitise tools and hands.
  4. Collection is from the Community Room at Glamis Hall, the door will be open but please ring the bell or call Jonathan on 07311 705705 for service.  You can reserve your litter picking equipment and bags by filling in the form above or at https://wellingboroughecogroup.org.uk/eco/litter-picking/wellie-wombles/
  5. When you arrive, any equipment requested and/or bags will be brought out to a table and we will retreat to two metres distance so people can collect.
  6. If you need directions or have any questions, call Jonathan on 07311 705705.
  7. When litter picking, always follow current government covid guidelines.
  8. Always maintain a minimum of two metres distance from other people.
  9. Never pick up sharp objects, including needles or glass.  Report to Wellingborough Norse if found.
  10. Don’t attempt to move large items or clear up fly tipping, report to Wellingborough Norse.
  11. Don’t put yourself or others at risk, avoid rivers and busy roads.
  12. Inform Wellingborough Eco Group or Wellingborough Norse where your collected litter bags have been left so that they can be collected. This can also be done by posting on the Wellie Wombles Facebook Group.
  13. When returning borrowed equipment, ring the bell or call when you arrive and wait for Jonathan.
  14. Leave on table and retreat two metres.

For areas that are not within the Borough of Wellingborough (Wellingborough Norse area) we do have bags for East Northamptonshire; in other areas please obtain bags from your local council service and always inform them where bags have been left.

In rural locations, bags need to be left on the verge of a public highway and your local council or service provider needs to be informed of their location. If hazardous or sharp objects are found, always report these to Wellingborough Norse on 01933 234520 or if in East Northants, to East Northamptonshire District Council on 01832 742055 (numbers may change from 1st April due to local government reform)

Our Loan and collection service is a scheme to give people the opportunity to litter pick and is designed to save unnecessary car journeys to Wellingborough Norse, and for people without cars, so that people can borrow equipment and collect bags in a more central location of the town. 

Please note that Wellingborough Eco Group accepts no responsibility or liability for any accidents or injuries sustained during any group litter picks or solo picks.

Wellingborough Library Bag Collection

New extended Times – Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

From Tuesday 8th June, the Tuesday Tidy Up service will also be complimented by the bag collection service from Wellingborough Library. Wellingborough Norse Bags are now available there too Monday to Saturday 10-4! They too have a table at the entrance and will bring out your bags upon request. Tuesday Tidy Up Rules apply here too, but with the exception of calling or reserving equipment. Find out more here.