Repair Cafes – Wellingborough Eco Group

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall are hosting their first Repair Cafe in November, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale on the 9th, from 9am till midday.

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. Repair Cafes are completely non-commercial. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will give it their best efforts. Repairers are always keen to teach you how to do the repair – or at least have you watch while they do it.

We will be set up in the lobby with desks for each fixer!

There is no charge for entry or repair but donations are gratefully received and help pay for costs. There’s no need to book, just turn up with whatever you want fixed. You can basically bring anything you can carry that will not make a mess in the venue. Here are some suggestions:

A bicycle, clothing in need of repair, small electrical or electronic appliances, lamps, toys, mobile phones, laptops, printers, items that need gluing, a clean/repair etc.

Whatever it is, it might not even be broken – just dirty, and you don’t know how to clean it without damaging it – or you can’t work out how to use it without the manual – bring it along. You can even bring several things – though to be fair, you will have to join the queue several times!

Easy access to public conveniences and to the hall

There will also be demonstrations on how to reuse stuff that would otherwise end up in landfill and on how to make your own cleaning products from natural sources. You can of course have a look round the second hand items on sale at the indoor car boot sale and have a great cup of tea or coffee too.

We are also seeking more repairers, so if you want to share your skills (whatever they are) to save stuff being thrown away, join us. We would love you to get involved! Message us via messenger if you are interested.

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Litter Picking The Embankment

Today Wellingborough Eco Group litter picked on the Embankment between 10 and 12. This was our first monthly two hour tidy up and we decided to litter pick this much loved part of Wellingborough.

Massive thank you to everyone who took part in our two hour tidy up today, thanks to Jane, Kate and Findlay, Liz, Andrea, Judy and Este, Frankie and Charles, James and Suzanne, Jonathan, Emma and Bill, Sophie and Anthony, Jocelyn and Darragh, Brian, Diane, Mike, Sophie and Toni; thank you all 23 of you!

Really impressive community involvement, great to see all ages and children taking part. We had a number of people come and thank us for making a real difference. Thanks also to Wellingborough Norse for lending us their litter picking equipment and for collecting the litter that we picked.

We plan to carry out litter picks on the last Saturday of every month. Our litter pickers this month have proposed three locations for next month and we will decide which one to do first. An update will be posted soon…

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Litter Picking – Wellingborough Eco Group

This Saturday morning (28th September) Wellingborough Eco Group will be litter picking on the Embankment between 10 and 12. Look out for our recycling station near the car park and for our yellow hi-vis vests.

Emma show’s how it’s done

Wellingborough Norse have kindly agreed to lend us the equipment and to collect the rubbish. We will of course recycle as much as we can.

Our monthly two hour tidy up this month is to litter pick this much loved part of Wellingborough, and we plan to carry out litter picks on the last Saturday of every month. Litter pickers this month decide where the next location will be next month.

Join us to make the Embankment tidier and a healthier place to live for the swans. All welcome!

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