Litter Picking The Embankment

Today Wellingborough Eco Group litter picked on the Embankment between 10 and 12. This was our first monthly two hour tidy up and we decided to litter pick this much loved part of Wellingborough.

Massive thank you to everyone who took part in our two hour tidy up today, thanks to Jane, Kate and Findlay, Liz, Andrea, Judy and Este, Frankie and Charles, James and Suzanne, Jonathan, Emma and Bill, Sophie and Anthony, Jocelyn and Darragh, Brian, Diane, Mike, Sophie and Toni; thank you all 23 of you!

Really impressive community involvement, great to see all ages and children taking part. We had a number of people come and thank us for making a real difference. Thanks also to Wellingborough Norse for lending us their litter picking equipment and for collecting the litter that we picked.

We plan to carry out litter picks on the last Saturday of every month. Our litter pickers this month have proposed three locations for next month and we will decide which one to do first. An update will be posted soon…

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