Repair Cafe 3

Wellingborough Eco Group and Glamis Hall hosted our third Repair Cafe today, during the Indoor Car Boot Sale.

Our fabulous four fixers repaired 15 items, including a sewing machine, CD player, four tablets, a car key fob, a basket a food mixer, drill screwdriver, two laptops, a bicycle and two record players.

Thank you to our repairers Jamie, Jonathan, Simon and Xan for saving local people money and saving salvageable items from going to landfill. Thank you to Heather, Gary and the whole team at Glamis Hall for hosting our Repair Cafe.

Thank you also to Judy for demonstrating how to make cleaning products from environmentally friendly sources. Judy made multi surface cleaner today, out of white wine vinegar, eco-washing up liquid, essential oils and water.

Here is a small selection of the photos that we took:

Our next Repair Cafe will be on Saturday 14th March, where we will have more fixers to save you money and items from ending up in landfill!

One thought on “Repair Cafe 3”

  1. Didnt know we had repair ppl around here I’ a record player and shuttle system jukebox that need repairing well. Done guys

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