General Meeting Agenda

Thursday 5th November

Welcome to Wellingborough Eco Group!

– Everyone says who they are and why they are here.

– Introduce Wellingborough Eco Group – Wellingborough Eco Group has been set up to help improve our borough’s environment, to reduce, reuse and recycle items that would otherwise end up in landfill, and to help local people reduce their carbon footprints. Wellingborough Eco Group is all about you and what we can all do environmentally locally in a friendly and positive way. This group is open to everyone and aims to work with local councillors, businesses and community organisations. We host various activities including Repair Cafes, Green Drinks and our monthly Two Hour Tidy Ups.

– Introduce our agenda items:

  1. Constitution
  2. Activities
  3. One Wellingborough Plus


To decide on tonight, including nominating officers –To refer to the guidance on our website that sets out a list of the following points to discuss:

  1. Name of the organisation
  2. Aims of the organisation (sometimes known as ‘objectives’)
  3. Powers
  4. Membership
  5. Equal opportunities
  6. Management Committee
  7. Named Officers
  8. Meetings
  9. Finance
  10. Dissolution
  11. Amendments to the constitution

An example of a recently constituted local group similar to ours can be seen at


– Facebook Group now has over 400 members! Nextdoor Group has almost 40 too.

– Litter Pick, generally last Saturday of each month, next 1st Saturday of December due to lockdown. At November’s litter pick 17 of us tidied Hemmingwell, collecting 35 bags of litter, 4 wheels, a scooter, bin of greenhouse glass, a jukebox and a portable stereo!

– Repair Café, we had one planned at Glamis Hall on Saturday 14th November, but this has been cancelled due to the lockdown. Next one planned for January…

– Community Allotment, 3 of us, Jonathan, Judy and Simon, spent two hours looking at options and uses of the site. Simon has now drawn up a 3D plan based on what we have decided (see picture). Working parties of two to be worked out, starting from Sunday.

One Wellingborough Plus:

We agreed at our last meeting to jointly manage One Wellingborough Plus’s Community Resilience Actions, and to accept funding for our new projects. These will include our community allotment, swap shops, a repair club (to work alongside our Repair Cafes) and a volunteer time bank. Jonathan has agreed to draw up an action plan for these activities, tonight we need to consider the impact of the lockdown and what is possible in the current situation.

Your Views, Summary and End of Meeting:

– Everyone to talk about what they feel they have achieved from this meeting.

– Thank you all, together we will achieve a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future for Wellingborough and beyond!

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