General Meeting Agenda

Thursday 19th November

Welcome to Wellingborough Eco Group!

– Everyone says who they are and why they are here.

– Introduce Wellingborough Eco Group

– Agree a chair for this meeting
– Introduce our agenda items:

  1. Constitution
  2. Committee and Officers
  3. Bank Account
  4. Activities
  5. One Wellingborough Plus


To formally adopt our constitution tonight.

– To refer to the proposed constitution and agree the following points:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Aims of the organisation (sometimes known as ‘objectives’)
  • Powers
  • Membership
  • Equal opportunities
  • Management Committee
  • Named Officers
  • Meetings
  • Finance
  • Amendments to the constitution
  • Dissolution

Committee and Officers

To nominate and elect a committee and officers. Each committee member needs to be officially nominated by another member and seconded, then voted in by the majority of members present at this meeting. Please refer to ‘Officer Nominations’ on our blog and to this section of our constitution.

The officers nominated to roles are:

Jonathan Hornett – Secretary, who shall be responsible for the taking of minutes and the distribution of all papers

Simon Turner – Treasurer, who shall be responsible for maintaining accounts

Judy Sumner – Membership Secretary, who will be responsible for administering the membership

Sophie Earl-Martin – Media Secretary, who will manage our social media groups and other media outlets

Julian Sansom – Business Secretary, who will liaise with local companies and organisations.

Bank Account

We need to formally agree to setting up a bank account and at which bank.  This has been fully researched by Jonathan Hornett and discussed with the above nominated officers.  Most banks are not opening bank accounts due to Covid-19 that are suitable for us, unless you already have an account with them.  Jonathan Hornett does have accounts at Natwest and has proposed them as our bank.


– Facebook Group now has 420 members! Nextdoor Group has 42.

– NEW Twitter and Instagram accounts and a Facebook Page set up!

– NEW website and emails set up at

– Litter Pick, generally last Saturday of each month, next 1st Saturday of December due to lockdown. At November’s litter pick 17 of us tidied Hemmingwell, collecting 35 bags of litter, 4 wheels, a scooter, bin of greenhouse glass, a jukebox and a portable stereo!

– Repair Café, we had one planned at Glamis Hall on Saturday 14th November, but this has been cancelled due to the lockdown. Next one planned for January…

– Community Allotment now has a gravel on parking area. Working parties of two to be worked out.

One Wellingborough Plus:

We agreed at our last meeting to jointly manage One Wellingborough Plus’s Community Resilience Actions, and to accept funding for our new projects. These will include our community allotment, plus swap shops, a repair club (to work alongside our Repair Cafes) and a volunteer time bank.

Jonathan Hornett drew up an action plan for these activities and presented it with Judy Sumner to a One Wellingborough Plus meeting. The majority of the spending is at our community allotment, there has also been money allocated for leaflets and posters for the Swap Shop and Repair Café Club.

Your Views, Summary and End of Meeting:

– Everyone to talk about what they feel they have achieved from this meeting.

– Thank you all, together we will achieve a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future for Wellingborough and beyond!

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