Appletree and Avalon

Today’s Advent Calendar window is opening for those who are shopping online this year, but still want to buy ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. Plastic packaging is a huge issue with shopping via the internet, how do you fancy receiving your purchases in compostable packaging that is plastic free? We might just have an option for you…

Appletree and Avalon are apparently the first exclusively 100% UK made & eco-friendly small independent online home, beauty & gift store. They are based in Northampton and guarantee to maintain a low carbon footprint by only working with ethical suppliers who manufacture only in the UK.

They sell every day items such as soaps, all the way through to gifts, and yes, even Christmas presents. Everything is sustainable, single use plastic free and eco-friendly. 100% of what they sell is made in the UK, which saves tons of carbon, and they give back to their chosen charity partner; World Land Trust.

Appletree and Avalon have ‘values’ on their website to click on, so that customers can filter what’s important to them, such as vegan, reusable and plastic free. The following categories are available at their online shop: Kitchen, Home & Garden, Cleaning, Everyday Care, Children & Baby, Sleep & Wellbeing, Stationery and of course Christmas.

They keep everything in stock to avoid disappointment, and they have tried and tested all of their products to guarantee value for money. Your items will all be parceled up by hand, without single use plastic of course, and dispatched the same day. Have a look at Appletree and Avalon’s online store to find out more!

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