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Our Advent Calendar today features an amazing project called Shop Zero in Northampton and Kettering. They are part of Revolution Zero, who are all about zero hunger, zero waste. Day in day out, their revolutionaries collect food that would otherwise end up in landfill, from shops, manufacturers and farms across the Midlands to nourish people within the community!

Great news, Shop Zero Northampton will be open today from 3-5pm and on Sunday 11-1! They will have £10 boxes with a selection of tinned, baked and frozen goods, and £5 bags with a selection of store goods. Visit them at 134 St James Road, NN5 5LQ. If possible, card payments are preferred.

Another member of the Revolution Zero family is Cafe Zero, a Surplus food kitchen. They rescue food from well known supermarkets and their chefs create delicious, nutritious & well priced meals!

They have also responded to the Covid-19 outbreak by delivering their packages too. This project is called Bags of Good, and is helping those most in need of food aid in, delivering to the most vulnerable members of the community in Northampton, during the coronavirus outbreak.

Find out more about about Revolution Zero by clicking on the various links to Facebook pages in this article and by reading the following slides:

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