Community Allotment Update

At today’s working party I was joined by Tony Banks and Marion Turner-Hawes and we built not one, but two greenhouses built at our Community Allotment! Thank you for these Julie Ann Cormie and my nextdoor neighbours Sunny and Bernice 😍👌

Shed on the left moved over a couple of feet to accommodate Julie (yes sorry the greenhouses need names) and Sunny (had to be) is in the middle of the plot at the end of the hard path. Sheds were donated by George and Margaret btw (thank you both)

Other stuff done during the week, trellis for clematis on gazebo and two more dog wood planted. Today at our Community Allotment!

Thank you to again Tony for joining me last weekend, when we laid the main path and patio, plus planted around the gazebo then finished it off with mulch. We also got a bird table made, plus got the compost bins put together with 3 out of 5 lined ready for use…

Lots more to do, back next week 🙂👍

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