New (sort of) Womble Bin at Glamis Hall

For ‘Helipads for Hospitals’

At our Tuesday Tidy Up tomorrow, we’ll have a Womble Bin, for all of the drinks cans that you have saved or litter picked! This bin will be emptied every week by Wellingborough Cadets and the cans will be sent to Helipads for Hospitals to be recycled into something new.

Even the bin itself has been Wombled! We rescued it from an allotment plot that was cleared at the weekend. And just perhaps it’s an original borough council black bin, made in 1991, it’s a bit scuffed (and a bit smelly) but it will be decorated (and deodorised) tomorrow…

We are collecting cans for Helipads for Hospitals, which is a charity in Leicestershire that is collecting drinks cans to build helipads for A&E hospitals. Find out more at:

Join us between 4 and 8 tomorrow for Tuesday Tidy Ups for all your litter picking equipment and bags, a tidy up and to use our 30 year old Womble Bin. Join us also for our Repair Club between 6-8. The Womble Bin will also be at Glamis Hall for you to use Monday to Friday 9-4!

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