Litter Picking at Queensway Park

Thank you to the 11 litter heroes who took part in our Two Hour Tidy Up of Queensway Park this morning. We picked 32 bags of litter, including two bags of drinks cans for our Womble Bin; plus cleared 1 Childs bicycle, a bumper, a plastic barrier, 2 footballs, a chair and a wheelbarrow.

This litter pick took place between 10 and 12 and our recycling station was on the park’s cycle path just off of Shelley Road. As you can see there is a huge pile of rubbish. Under the new system of reporting, North Northamptonshire Council have been informed of this. Unfortunately due to this new system Wellingborough Norse could not collect it on the same day.

Thank you to Amanda, Jessica, Emma and Jonathan, Glenn and Hazel, Ros, Adrian, Freddie and Georgina, and David. Great to see Wellingborough Lions, Amanda and Adrian, join us litter picking again. Thank you also to other local residents who came out to say thank you to us for tidying up their local park.

The next Two Hour Tidy Up will take place on Saturday 28th August, location to be decided, follow our blog or join Wellingborough Eco Group on Facebook, Nextdoor or Twitter and/or Wellie Wombles to find out more…

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