Litter Picking at Castle Fields

Thank you to the 16 litter heroes that joined us this morning for our Two Hour Tidy Up of Castle Fields, London Road Cemetery and the surrounding area. Together we filled 37 bags with litter, plus half filled a green bin with recycling! We also found a ladder, a shopping trolley, and car parts.

Our Recycling Station was set up from 9:30am at the entrance to the park off Castle Road, for litter picking between 10 and 12. This time for #Halloween there were no tricks, just picks and treats. Great to see a couple of families with us for this.

Thank you to Jess, Sue, Freddie and Georgina, Emma and Jonathan, Pretty and Mohapi, Niall and Wayan, Jane, Hannah and Sean, Marion, Bob and Gill. It was a real treat to see lots of Wellie Wombles working together. Thank you also to everyone who thanked us for tidying up their park and streets. Well done all!

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