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Welcome to the first day of our Advent Calendar! Today we open a window for one of our partners, Wellingborough Organisations, who this year are using our Advent Calendar to make a new Wellingborough Town Guide! We are supporting this to promote local sustainability and to support local businesses and community organisations.

Wellingborough Organisations have been sharing local services and events for five years. They have recently built a new website that features local organisations including businesses, charities, groups and services.  The organisations on the site can do anything, as long it is in or serves Wellingborough. All posts will be categorised as NewsCommunity or Business; and categories will also attached to these so that you can easily find what you want. News and events will also be featured!

They also manage Wellingborough Forum, a place for everyone to share information and discuss services. They set this up to encourage discussion, to improve communication and to increase collaboration between Wellingborough’s organisations, but it can also be used by anyone to seek assistance or support, or to just chat. You can also join in and contribute to Wellingborough Forum on Facebook or on NextDoor.

We’re really excited that they are making a new Wellingborough Town Guide and you can help them by sharing what’s going on and what you do. You can do this on Wellingborough Forum, with an email to info@wellingborough.org or with them on social media. You can find Wellingborough Organisations on Facebook and Twitter (@wellyorg) like and follow them for the latest updates locally!

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