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Today’s Advent Calendar opens for Wellingborough Helping Hands Community Support Group and their Chilly Willy Yard Sale that takes place tomorrow and Sunday (18th and 19th December) from 12:00 until 4:00pm at 124 Main Road in Wilby.

Here is an admin from the group, Kat, telling us on video, all about Helping Hands Wellingborough and their Chilly Willy Yard Sale. We filmed her in her front garden, which is where the sale will be:

About Helping Hands

Helping Hands Wellingborough was set up on 19th July 2017, four and a half years ago, by founder Samantha Oakley. Her aim was to create a support network for those in the most urgent need and begin a community helping each other in difficult times.

The group now has 4 admins, Samantha, Gemma, Kat and Catherine; and it has grown to 1800 Facebook members, all listing, requesting and donating unused, outgrown and unwanted items in exchange for food, toiletries and laundry product donations to support the Helping Hands Foodbank facility, which is open to anyone in the Wellingborough area in need.

95% of donations are non-perishable food items, tins, packets, boxes and jars, and 5% are cash donations that are put into a community pot to purchase urgent fresh, frozen foods and baby items for those without the ability to do so themselves.

Helping hands also offer a baby and children’s clothes swishing service, run solely by group admin Gemma, where any clean, reusable clothing can be exchanged for the next size. Children’s coats and uniform are always offered for free as these are essentials and no child should ever be without a coat.

Helping Hands is a not for profit, volunteer led group, not a charity. No admin receives a wage, expenses or bonuses. They do this because they care for the community, and because it’s the right thing to do in this age where support services are stopped or denied funding.

Workers at Co-op Wincanton in Wellingborough bought toys for Helping Hands.

Chilly Willy Yard Sale

Come to the Chilly Willy Yard Sale for last minute Christmas gifts, a 50p table, a jumble rail and much more! Wellingborough Eco Group will be there with their Swap Shop and to answer any questions you may have. There will be free food available from Redeem Funds and a tea and coffee table too!

Helping Hands are holding this special Christmas sale, to raise much needed funds, so they can provide food parcels to families in need for Christmas. Find out more about the group at the Chilly Willy Sale this weekend, and bag a bargain, or find them on Facebook and join in at

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