General Meeting – 4th May 2021

Thank you to the 13 people who joined us for a General Meeting to talk about our activities and associations. Simon, Jonathan, Freddie, Georgina, Judy, Anthony, Becky, Lizz, Tricia, John, Julian, Suzanne and Sophie started off by looking at our Zoom events, and discussed whether in person events would be better; using the Victoria Centre for some of our events and continuing our partnership with Glamis Hall for others.

We looked at hosting a ‘Wellingborough Eco Festival’, possibly at the Victoria Centre, and decided to set up a sub-committee of members to work on it. This will incorporate our Repair Club, Swap Shop, Wellie Wombles and Wellie Acorns groups, plus be open to other organisations to promote their eco-friendly activities.

Watch this month’s meeting on YouTube, the next hopefully will be face to face.

We decided when our litter picking ‘Two Hour Tidy Ups’ will re-start These will start again on Saturday 29th May as part of The Great British Spring Clean, at the usual times from 10am until midday. Freddie Harris talked about the amazing things that Wellie Wombles have been up to, plus we elected Freddie as our Litter Picking Secretary so he can act on behalf of the group in his correspondence with local companies and services, plus lead on our litter picking activities.

We looked at our partnerships with Glamis Hall, Victoria Centre and Wellingborough Library and more new initiatives, with lots of opportunities for more projects coming up, members decided that we need to focus on our current activities and the eco festival. We decided that the next meeting should be a social one in a pub, so we will restart our Green Drinks events in two weeks and that further General Meetings should be in person. We also looked at our membership, the idea of a timebank and our funds. All in all, a lively and positive meeting that gives us a solid platform to build on.

Food for Thought Coming Soon

Today we visited Kerry, who is about to open Food for Thought, Wellingborough’s first zero waste emporium, at Nene Court retail village.

Food for Thought is where Hart Brewery used to be, it was due to open on Thursday, but it will be delayed for a few days because of the lock down.

When we turned up, Kerry was very busy preparing a floor to be painted, so we didn’t stay long. She did have time to show us how she was getting along and to tell us more about what was going to be on offer.

Kerry said: “You will be able to bring your own containers to refill them with gorgeous food, mainly non-perishables to begin with, the essentials and treats! We will also have cleaning and personal hygiene products, and everything without needless plastic packaging and nasty chemicals.”

Food for Thought aims to do more than just cut plastic pollution. They want to:

• celebrate local produce

• promote sustainable living

• develop community and a sense of belonging

Kerry also talked about why she’s opening Food for Thought:

“When I had my daughter I went from a really busy career in TV production to being a milk machine! An unfortunate bout of post natal depression meant that I became completely fixated on all the negative media around the state of the planet but a real positive that came from that time is that I decided to do something about it with Food for Thought.

“I’m passionate about people and that we can all make little changes to help ourselves and the planet but still enjoy the fabulous things in life! Food for Thought’s motto is #morejoylesswaste!”

Find out more about Food for Thought at: or email