Litter Picking Shelley Park and Park Farm

Thank you to our 9 litter heroes today who did an amazing tidy up in Shelley Park and the paths into Park Farm Industrial Estate. We collected over 50 bags of litter, a huge pile of wood from a fence, a TV, a table and two chairs, baby toys, two tyres and carpet.

This location was chosen by litter pickers Georgina and Freddie at our last litter pick, because it has been neglected for years and was in a terrible state. It looks so much better now 🙂

Thank you to Kate, Sheila, Judy, Freddie, Georgina, Niall, Marion, Jonathan and Emma. Special mention goes to Niall (pictured on the header image) who came out on his 60th birthday! Thank you also to Dave K and Sean B from Wellingborough Norse who collected the heap of rubbish and to Wellingborough Norse for lending us the equipment.

There’s lots more photos on our Facebook group, have a look at them here!

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