Wellingborough Norse

Todays Advent Calendar window opening is for Wellingborough Norse, of course! They support Wellingborough Eco Group’s Two Hour Tidy Ups, by providing all of the equipment and collect everything that we litter pick, however much there is or how disgusting it is. We simply couldn’t do it without them!

For example, at todays Two Hour Tidy Up we collected over 50 bags of litter, a huge pile of wood from a fence, a TV, a table and two chairs, baby toys, two tyres and carpet. Most of this rubbish was muddy and therefore not recyclable, but Dave and Sean from Wellingborough Norse happily took it all away anyway.

And of course they do a lot more than just run around after us. They provide the following services in the borough in partnership with Wellingborough Council:

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Fleet management
  • Grounds maintenance, including maintenance of parks and open spaces, trees, cemeteries and churchyards
  • Street cleansing
  • Public toilets
  • Operation of the town centre marketplace
  • Car parks
  • Winter gritting operations
  • Public halls
  • Use of parks and parks games
  • Environmental education and enforcement
  • Facilities management for operational properties and land

A good example of what they do is empty over 50,000 wheelie bins a week! A good thing that they do is work to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill. One way they do this is by holding regular stalls promoting recycling. They do likewise to stop people fly tipping too.

Thank you Wellingborough Norse!

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