Did you know that there are over 20 allotment associations in the borough of Wellingborough! Wherever you live there’s one nearby and with today’s Advent Calendar we are opening our window for them.

You can rent a small plot for between £30-£40 a year and it can be a very rewarding pastime. There are many benefits, including physical exercise, mental wellbeing, healthy eating, reducing food miles, social interaction and family bonding. They’re wonderful places where you can listen to the birds singing, breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin and of course enjoy the fruits of your labour.

No allotment is complete without recycling. A compost bin or heap of some kind will not only do they give you somewhere to dispose of your weeds, but also provide valuable compost free of charge. Water butts can be linked to shed rooves to catch the rain; and of course lots of old things come in useful on your plot, you can use wood to make your bean canes, or like on our header image an old trampoline! You can even use your old bath at your allotment, it’s perfect for growing carrots in.

At our Community allotment, we are making a plot that for the community to give people the chance to share skills and to grow plants. Together, we will grow plants, fruit and veg on it for local community organisations. It is on Ladywell allotments in Wellingborough. Find out more and join in on our Community Allotment Facebook group.

Find out more about your local allotment using the borough council’s allotments contacts list:

Wellingborough Eco Group will in due course be adding every local allotment association to our new Wellingborough Eco Map. If you know of one that is missing please email us via

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