Happy Christmas Everyone

This month we have featured lots of great community and eco-friendly services available in and around Wellingborough on our Advent Calendar. It has been a real treat being able to talk to so many amazing people, and it’s been a pleasure sharing their groups, charities and businesses with you. For those that may have missed some of our Advent Calendar windows, here are all of them:

  1. Wellingborough Organisations
  2. Scope
  3. Food for Thought
  4. Wellingborough Library
  5. Adkins Cycle Store
  6. Lunar Tree
  7. Wellingborough Swap Shop
  8. Shoots and Spores
  9. Glamis Hall
  10. Wellingborough Town Council
  11. The High Street HUB
  12. Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre
  13. Made in Northamptonshire
  14. Wellie Wombles
  15. Barnardos
  16. Animals in Need
  17. Helping Hands
  18. Redeem Funds
  19. Morrisons Wellingborough Community Champion
  20. UGLY MUG
  21. Community Allotment
  22. The Daylight Centre
  23. Teamwork Trust
  24. Made with Many

All of the above and more are on Wellingborough Eco Map and on the Wellingborough Organisations website. Please do support them or use their services, and share our blog posts and videos to promote them. Our videos are also available on our YouTube channel. If you want to discover more ‘eco-friendly’ services available locally, last year’s Advent Calendar is also worth a look.

Just for fun, here is a Christmas treat for everyone:

Festive fun with the Raunds Ukulele Group, featuring two of our committee members, Judy and Freddie

We would like to thank you all for everything you have done for us and for our community this year. We wish everyone a very happy and healthy Christmas.

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